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Our attitude


The Utz principle

The mindful use of resources is anchored in the Utz Group’s mission statement. We see reusable logistics as the optimal application for our products.

We follow the three-pillar model of sustainability, but also consider the cultural dimension and our responsibility towards future generations. On this basis, and with the help of our company's carbon accounting, we have formulated targets in line with the climate goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Utz climate strategy

The Utz Group has a clear climate strategy. By 2030, we will produce exclusively with electricity from renewable energies, and by 2035, we will be using mostly recycled and low-CO2e materials. We want to be measured against these standards and will disclose our progress within the annual sustainability report.

CO2 compensation icon in cloud
CO2 compensation icon in cloud

The Utz understanding of sustainability

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We work economically efficiently and profitably to be able to invest from our own resources.

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We act in an ecologically sustainable manner and keep our processed plastic in the cycle in the long term.

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We live in a corporate culture that puts people at the center and lives and demands sustainability through its corporate values.

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Our vision

Our vision is a future with only sustainably produced, reusable and recyclable returnable containers. Doing our job properly means our carbon footprint will be reduced to zero – "Zero Carbon"– and there will be no more waste – "Zero Waste".

Our partnerships

Together with our partners and their expertise, we achieve our ambitious climate goals.