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Collapsible boxes

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Collapsible containers as efficient space-savers

Industrial grade

Our industrial grade collapsible containers are made of lightweight and durable recyclable plastic making it a perfect choice for transportation and storage for almost every industry.

Collapsible system

Collapsible containers are a space-efficient storage solution designed to be easily collapsed when not in use and expanded into a usable shape when needed. The side panels are folded in by opening the locking mechanisms on the short sides.

Automatic set-up and collapse

The functional locking system of Utz's collapsible containers enables their automated handling, and a one-handed locking system simplifies manual handling. By applying light pressure to a plastic spring mechanism, the lock on the box opens and the sidewalls can be placed on top of one another.

View a 3D model of the collapsible container

The process of opening and closing the collapsile container

Saving space made easy

Empty collapsible containers can save a volume of up to 80 percent compared to the upright box.


Collapsible containers can be equipped with in-mould labels or RFID tags, which enables efficient container management. Labels even attached to the base will still be legible, even on collapsed boxes.

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