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Tailored conductivity for containers

Protection against electrical discharge

In many industries there are recommendations about container, component holder and pallet conductivity. These specifications serve to prevent the destruction of electronic components by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Use of special material

Utz ESD containers and ESD pallets are made of a plastic and carbon compound. For special customer requirements regarding conductivity, Utz can produce transport units from special materials.

Electrically conductive transport unit

Electrically conductive transport units

By using special materials, every container and every pallet can become an electrically conductive charge carrier. This creates entire transport units in which the electronic components are safely stored from production to delivery.

Individual solutions in the electronics industry

ESD plastic container walls

PCB holders

Device for receiving printed circuit boards.

Person measuring the continuous conductivity of a container.

Standard measurement procedures at Utz

Measuring the continuous conductivity of a container.

Thermoformed component holder

Thermoformed component holders

We manufacture perfectly fitting component holders made of ESD material, tailored to your component and processes.

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