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Stacking Containers

Versatile and flexible

The Utz stacking container range offers material handling solutions across all industry sectors. These reusable plastic boxes are a great alternative to corrugated packaging when transporting and storing goods. The various stacking container ranges include; the standard stacking euro containers, RAKO, that allow for different variations in the sidewall, base and handle options, the EUROTEC automation containers that are suitable for us on all conventional storage and conveyor systems and the KLT range that are mainly used within the automotive industry.

Stackable Containers RAKO

The all-rounder in Euro dimensions

The plastic euro containers RAKO enable a large number of variations by combining various sides, bases and handles. When selecting the perfect container, you can choose between solid, perforated and slotted sidewalls, a solid, gridded or ribbed base, depending on its purpose and stress level insert a closed double base and decide between a profile handle, handle slots or shell handles.

These versatile selection options in combination with the euro container’s high load capacity are what make the RAKO an extremely adjustable universal container.

Product variants

  • Bases (reinforced and non-reinforced)
  • Sidewalls
  • Handles
  • Accessories (lids / covers, removable boxes, foam inserts, dividers, marking)
  • Standard Colours

RAKO with lid - Cases

Our plastic containers consists of a RAKO stacking container and a hinged lid that has been securely fastened together using hinge reinforcements and snap locks. Handles can also be fitted to the case if required.

RAKO case variations

  • RAKO with lid
  • RAKO with lid and handle
  • Archive box
  • Double RAKO with lid cases
  • RAKO with lid and safety lock


High-tech container for automatic handling

The EUROTEC is predominantly suitable for automatic handling on all conventional storage and conveyor systems.

The EUROTEC has a large number of points for robots to grab on to or where an automatic conveyor system can be positioned. Recessed grips and handle holes also permit manual container handling.

This is supplemented by a selection of base variations, so that warping of the base and resulting faults in the conveyor system caused by adjusted container loads can be excluded.

Stackable Containers EUROWAVE

Line up your business

EUROWAVE is a new container system for your everyday storage and transport tasks in business and leisure.

Equipped with many good Utz features: Clever with easy handling and sturdy structure. Creative with a dynamic profile. Sustainably produced from UIC®.

Fits in 5 dimensions.

Small load carriers - SLC / VDA / GALIA

For smart parts - Containers for the automotive industry

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers use a variety of carriers that the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) has standardised with the specifications of the 4500 standard. These include the R, the RL and the foldable KLT. Also, all US SLC’s meet the US AIAG RC- 9 specifications.

In addition, there is the C-KLT, the Light-KLT or the medium container that do not conform to any standard.

Small load carriers variants

  • R-KLT with reduced composite base
  • RL-KLT with smooth base and water drainage holes
  • C-KLT with complete composite base
  • Light-KLT KLT with smooth base and optional water drainage holes
  • Foldable KLT
  • Special KLT
  • Small load carriers "RAKO"
  • Medium container "M"
  • SLC flat base
  • SLC Ribbed Base
  • SLC cross stacking base
  • SLC with lids