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Technical plastic parts

There are technical plastic parts which are simple in structure and those with complicated, sophisticated structures. What is common to all of them is that they fit seamlessly into the overall technical apparatus.

Construction industry

In the construction industry, technical plastic parts are mostly used for electrical or plumbing installations. Wall sleeves for airing and ventilation or leaf filters are further examples of the use of technical plastic parts in building construction and civil engineering.

Electrical / solar industry

Besides housings and covers for electric appliances, technical plastic parts are used in the solar industry in particular. Popular examples are substructures for solar panels that can be extensively mounted on flat roofs without the need for additional tools.

Household appliances / apparatus engineering

Household appliances are a classic field for technical plastic parts. For example, dishwashers or washing machines consist of a large number of plastic parts that can sometimes feature very complicated structures.

Large parts

Technical plastic parts do not always have to have a complicated structure to satisfy a technical demand. Often the technical requirements, such as in regard to the appearance and the surface finish, are very high.

Airmould / gas injection technology

Technical plastic parts produced with gas injection technology offer many advantages

  • a great deal of creative freedom in the design
  • better hygienic properties
  • free of shrink marks even in the thick-walled and ribbed area of the components
  • no deformation, high stability
  • better quality of the surface
  • cost-effective production using simple tools and saving assembly costs
  • environmentally-friendly production thanks to exhaust gas recycling

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