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Utz containers in the new warehouse of Asmet company

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Utz containers in the new warehouse of Asmet company

Georg Utz will supply 56’800 containers for the new investment of Asmet – one of the largest Polish screw manufacturers and supplier of composite elements for the manufacturing of machinery and equipment for the construction, power, petrochemical, agricultural and automotive industries. The modern logistics centre equipped with advanced automation technology is located in the town of Moszna-Parcela near Warsaw. These Utz containers are intended for the storage and in-house transport of 40'000 Asmet stock items and 50’000 products available to order.

Asmet’s fully automated warehouse is based on the shuttle system. This system is centred around EUROTEC containers which, thanks to their cutting-edge design, cooperate perfectly with the automated warehouse system. The customer has chosen our EUROTEC containers in grey with the dimensions 600 x 400 mm and a height of 220 mm, in the version with double solid bottom and drain openings. The containers are additionally equipped with barcodes applied by the IML method, which allow manage-ment of the distribution system and full control of the packaging circulation.

"Managing such a wide range of products and ensuring the highest quality in customer service requires smooth logistics, and in this case automation is the necessary and right decision. We are very pleased that Utz solutions for intralogistics will be part of this process. We wish Asmet ongoing growth and continued excellent development in the global market", said Wojciech Bytner, Managing Director of Georg Utz.