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Packaging solutions

Transport system from warehouse to the POS

Modular system consisting of dollies, collapsible containers, and lids

Retail companies supply their stores from central warehouses. The ordered goods are picked into individual collapsible containers. To make handling of the filled boxes as easy as possible, the collapsible containers are placed on a dolly. Then, the entire order can be manually and ergonomically moved onto the truck and later into the store.

Packaging suitable for the shop system

If the product identification of a retail store is always the same, the packing unit can be designed to match the product on the shelves by identifying the containers using a barcode. This reduces work effort by up to 50 percent. Empties can be folded onto the dollies, collected and returned to the central warehouse during the next transport to save space. This not only avoids packaging waste, but the reusable system also reduces CO2 emissions.

Plastic, foldable containers transported on a conveyor system

Efficient conveyor system and order picking department

While Utz solutions can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the conveyor systems, special attention is also paid to handling in the order picking department. Despite the central importance of automation, the containers must also meet the ergonomic requirements of manual handling.

Customized retail solutions

Modular expansion options for accessories - labels, pockets, lids

Modular expansion options for accessories

Label pockets in different sizes and shapes, sealable against theft.

Nestable containers with lids

Empty containers can be nested

Save up to 75 percent of space, stackable when closed, with a hinged and close-fitting lid.

Transport dolly for plastic containers


2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors, identifiable by in-mould label, stackable via castor recess in top deck.

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