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Nestable containers

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Saving space with the nesting principle

Nestable containers

Nestable containers are stacked either on their lids or over fold-out bail-arms. Once nested, the containers can save up to 75 percent of space.

View a 3D model of the nestable container

Black, stacked nestable containers with closed lids

Designed for automation and manual handling

Utz nestable containers can be used for automatic conveyor systems and they are optimized for manual handling at the point of sale. Ergonomic handles make the containers comfortable to carry.

Innovative details simplify their daily use

Closeup on the nestable container lids


The containers can be stacked safely via the lid.

Bail arms for stacking nestable containers

Bail arms

Open containers can be equipped with bail arms and therefore ensure safe stacking.

Red, nestable container wit folding lid

Rotating stacking containers

Rotating stacking containers can be nested when empty. Once rotated by 180 degrees, the containers can be stacked on their rims.

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