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Certified hazardous goods packaging

Utz products are approved in the European Union in accordance with the Hazardous Goods Regulations for Road, Rail and Inland Navigation (GGVSEB). They are suitable for the transport of solid hazardous materials. If a component does not comply with the approval, we work closely with the responsible authorities and approve your component in combination with Utz reusable packaging.

Optimum product protection: combination container with thermoformed insert

Many hazardous goods require special stabilization and storage in returnable packaging. Here, Utz offers individual thermoformed inserts that optimally fix the load in the plastic container. Due to the accuracy of fit, automatic handling in your intralogistics is possible without any problems.

Hazardous goods containers in Euro or isopallet format

Hazardous goods can be large-volume goods, and Utz has some solutions in its delivery program for this as well. Well-known customers are already using Utz solutions for the transport of hazardous goods. Contact us and let our experts advise you.

What is UN packaging?

Hazardous goods in liquid or solid form must be carried in a UN-approved packaging. International agreements on the transport of hazardous goods assess whether the type and suitability of the packaging must be certified by the state. In Germany, corresponding approvals are carried out exclusively by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Depending on the certification, the packaging must undergo a wide variety of tests. After successful testing, the dangerous goods packaging receives the UN approval number with an approval certificate. The legal shelf life of a UN packaging is five years from the date of production. After that, the hazardous goods packaging may no longer be used.

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