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Plastic pallets have a consistent tare weight. Completely closed pallets are also easy to clean. Equipped with metal reinforcement, pallets can also be used in high-bay warehouses. Plastic pallets are modular and suitable for pooling. Utz customers can choose from a wide range of products.

Plastic Recycling

After hundreds of rotations Utz plastic pallets are recycled and reused as raw material.

Plastic pallets legs

Universal UPAL-K pallet

The low height of the UPAL-K allows for one additional packing layer in the truck than other pallets will acheive. This reduces freight costs and CO2 emission. Interchangeable runners and anti-slip devices on the upper and lower deck allow for universal handling of the UPAL-K.

Safe loading

Illustration showing stacking pallets


Uniform loading of the pallet across its entire surface without moving.
Maximum load up to 7,500 kg

Illustration showing pallet on a forklift


Uniform distribution of the load during movement, for example with a forklift.
Maximum load up to 1,500 kg

Illustration showing pallets on shelves

On shelves

Uniform load across the entire surface. The pallet rests on two runners.
Maximum load up to 1,000 kg

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