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Expansion of the Utz Group's US headquarters in Edinburgh, IN

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Expansion of the Utz Group's US headquarters in Edinburgh, IN

The North American market is developing into a growth engine for the Utz Group.

The significant shortage of personnel in many industries is further increasing the pressure on the already rapidly growing automation of all logistics processes. The demand for high-quality and technically sophisticated returnable transport solutions for warehouse, transport, and production logistics automation remains strong. Utz is, therefore, continuously expanding its capacities for the North American market.
In 2021, the new plant in Mexico was realized and put into operation. At the start of 2023, the expansion at Utz's headquarters in the USA was completed. The third expansion stage comprises a logistics center with an area of 125,000 sq ft and the construction of the new administration building. This was the prerequisite for also being able to expand production capacities greatly.
The master planning of the Utz Group anticipates further rapid expansion in North America to meet the growing demand in the future. This concerns both existing sites and predicts a third site. In addition, the Utz Group has produced climate-neutral products in North America since 2022.
In 2022, the Utz Group generated 400 MCHF in sales worldwide and employed 1350 people.

We wish the Utz teams in North America continued success!