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The new product Utz EUROWAVE

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The new product Utz EUROWAVE

The new Utz EUROWAVE stands out from other container systems not only because of its modern design, but also because of its light weight. It’s in great form and its green colour sets clear accents for every use. Whether for craftsmen, bakers or teachers, the EUROWAVE feels at home everywhere. The usual Utz quality as well as the attractive pricing are clear arguments in its favour.

Sturdy - Manageable - Practical - Individual - Expandable

Visually and technically, the EUROWAVE line is characterised by its defined, stable corner columns, its shell handles integrated into its corrugated ribbing and its good stacking properties. The containers can be individually marked with handling information or company logos.

Suitable in 5 sizes

The new container system is available in five sizes and has a matching support lid for each basic size to protects the contents from dirt and moisture. Label pockets or transport rollers are particularly suitable as accessories if the load is too heavy to carry.