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Large-capacity containers

Standard products

Space Saving or rigid

Large-capacity containers in pallet formats

At Utz, we call rigid large-capacity containers paloxes. The heavy workers among the Utz containers also meet high hygiene requirements and can be cleaned very well.

The Paloxes can also be transported or stored in reduced volume when empty and can be nested.

Hinged large-capacity containers are designed for maximum volume reduction for empty transport and, at the same time, optimum load-bearing capacity in stacks. They can all be moved by standard industrial trucks even when empty.

View a 3D model of the KLAPA foldable container


Basic sizes

Utz offers various basic sizes in the usual heights in its product range

  • Half pallets
  • Euro pallets
  • Iso/half-Iso pallets
  • Imperial dimensions

Special formats

Various special formats are possible through further processing/finishing (e.g., "cut and weld").

Ease of repair

The Utz tooling concepts allow the post-production/re-delivery of individual parts, thus making all Utz large-capacity containers repairable/friendly.

Ergonomics requirements

Utz offers different industry variants that have been ergonomically designed for manual handling. Equipment variants with longitudinal and short-sided flaps are available.

We would be happy to present the different options to you.

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