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Tales of Utz

Discover exciting tailes about Utz, the establishment, employees and many more.

From zigzag stitch to high-quality plastic containers

Unbelievable how many colourful stories can fit into a plastic container. Gustav Karli, the oldest employee of Georg Utz AG, also knows this.

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Back to stay

31 years working for the same company? "Thirty-one" - that's even more impressive in words. What motivated Philipp Meyer to spend more than half his life at Georg Utz AG?

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The Circle of Life

"25 years in two-shift operation is enough. Performance is only 30 to 50% compared to when it was new. That’s definitely not enough. It’s got to go. Rather today than tomorrow."

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A Swiss in Singapore

Hello. My name is 000,001. I am a special grey container consisting of plastic, with various sub-dividers, and I’m used for automated warehousing systems.

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S = R+M+PA - A fictional story

The year is 2050: Urs Meier, Key Account Manager at Utz AG in Bremgarten, Germany, is on his way to work in his self-propelled hydrogen car.

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