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Quality management system

Utz produces quality in every workplace. Utz has a management system which covers the entire company. This ensures a consistently excellent quality fulfilling customer requirements of Utz products independently of the manufacturing plant in which they are produced.

Our factory in Switzerland was certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 as early as in the year 1987. Today, this quality concept is applied to all works of the Utz Group. Our quality management system is part of our range of services and can be fully used by our customers for the realisation of their specifications.

Environment & Recycling

We recognise that our activities have a direct and an indirect effect on the environment. We are therefore committed to reducing any harm this may cause and to work to improve practices within our industry to this end. The multiple use cycle is the basic idea behind all product innovations of Utz.

We are committed to taking back our products at the end of their working life. This is to say these reusable containers will be fed back for the reuse of the material. For Utz, that means specifically that the plastic products are ground up and the granules obtained in this way are used for manufacturing new products. Multiple-use in its purest form.


Occupational health and safety management system

Safety, health and the well-being of our employees are an important concern for us. The same applies to customers and suppliers who are located in the companies of the Utz Group. To ensure that our high safety standards are met, all employees at Utz are alerted, trained and sensitised to dangerous situations.

Energy management system

To reduce energy consumption we work with modern production equipment. Excessive process energy is used to heat offices and premises. Electricity from hydropower or solar energy are natural sources of energy for us.

Ecology & Sustainability

For us, recycling means not only the taking back and recycling of our products. UIC © Utz Industrial Compound is not a simple recycling material, but qualitative raw material with documented properties. This is pure sustainability, produced in-house.


The initial material required to manufacture plastic containers is called granulate. These are small plastic pellets, which are often tinted. The granulate is stored in large silos, from where it is fed into the injection-moulding machine.

Depending on the application of the plastic parts, Utz uses the following optimal materials:

Polystyrene (PS) | Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) | Polyethylene (HDPE) | Polypropylene (PP) | Polyamide (PA6/6.6/12) | Polycarbonate (PC) | Polyoxymethylene (POM) | Polyphenyleneoxide (PPO) | Polybutyleneterephthalate (PBTP) | Polyphenylenesulfide (PPS) | Electrically conductive materials (electrostatic discharge - ESD) | Diverse fire-protection equipment | Additional reinforcement, e.g. with glass fibre, glass sphere, talcum, chalk, UV Stabilisation

Additionally, Utz also processes wood granulate and bio-plastics.