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Temperature controlled load carriers

The Utz THERMOBOX is an innovative, robust, reliable and quality-assured transport solution for temperature-sensitive products, with the requirement of an uninterrupted cold chain. The durable and user-friendly reusable shipping solution is suitable for all applications.

The solution is characterised by simplicity and efficiency. By using advanced insulation materials in combination with cooling media made of phase change materials, consistent results can be achieved in the temperature stability of your products.

Temperature behavior

The box can be individually adapted to your temperature ranges. Whether you need to transport your items at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen, our Utz experts can advise you accordingly.

Temperature zones:

  • Ambient = 15 to 25 ºC
  • Chilled = 2 to 8 ºC
  • Frozen = -18 to -25 ºC

10 good reasons for using the Utz THERMOBOX

  • The cooling element is part of the lid, which simplifies handling.
  • Highly efficient insulation material in the form of VIPs (vacuum insulation panels).
  • Robust, conveyor-suitable outer container provides protection against shocks, moisture and dirt.
  • Easy-to-clean inner container with protection of VIPs against damage.
  • Outer and inner container are firmly welded.
  • Suitable for temperature range -18 °C, 2-8 °C or 15-25 °C depending on cooling element.
  • Duration/running time of THERMOBOX at least sixty hours.
  • Excellent ratio between external and internal volume.
  • Possibility to attach information for identification and traceability (barcodes, RFID chips, loggers, company logo, etc.).
  • Stacking compatible with existing Utz reusable solutions.
  • Various accessories available to facilitate handling.

Special features

Insulated container lid closure

Lid closure

Lid snaps into place without additional accessories and closes the container.

THERMOBOX lid seals

Holes for seals

Theft and access protection by means of lead sealing.

Temporary marking and subsequent removal of labels or other marking materials

Label field with studs

Temporary marking and subsequent removal of labels or other marking materials.

Two grey, insulated boxes with lids


Basic dimensions 400 x 300 x 240 mm

Usable inner volume 5.8 l
Weight 6 kg

Base dimensions 600 x 400 x 300 mm

Usable inner volume 25.3 l
Weight 12.5 kg

THERMOBOX cooling element

Cold Storage Plate

Our cold storage plates keep food fresh over a long period of time. In combination with Utz thermo boxes, they offer an optimal supplement. The product is kept at the desired temperature from preparation to serving.

Maverick Coolbox

Maverick Coolbox

This modular container can be reconfigured quickly and easily by your front line team to accommodate both ambient and chilled goods. Protein juice leaks and spills can be cleaned by removing the insert to ensure sanitary transport. Temperature control is created through insulated side walls ensuring goods stay chilled for hours.

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