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Many international postal organizations rely on Utz

Focus on letter containers

Utz supplies letter containers to national postal organizations worldwide. The Utz Postboxes are a central element in the supply chain of increasing automation in postal and parcel dispatch. By standardizing processes, the number of different container solutions could be significantly reduced.

The special feature about the Utz letter containers

Letters are safe in letter containers from Utz. The plastic containers are compatible with the letter sorting systems and make manual work unnecessary. The special design of the containers increases the number of runs and increases the efficiency of the distribution centers.

Futuristic vision - post mail containers carried by drones

Versatile system of postal load carriers

In addition to letter containers, Utz offers a wide variety of transport units for the postal service.

Customized solutions for the postal service

Custom plastic container for sorting letters

Utz letter tray

Tray for automatic conveyor systems on which letters are transported to mail distribution centres.

Custom made plastic allfreight container for DHL

Airfreight containers

Containers in which airfreight is automatically assigned to its destination in a goods distribution center and transported further.

Red, plastic, nestable container with lid

Utz rotary stacking containers for mail

Space-saving containers for internal workflows.

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Over the past 75 years, Utz has created tens of thousands of products for almost as many satisfied customers. Our catalog shows you the entire Utz product range.

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