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The careful use of all resources is our most important principle

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Utz Climate Strategy

The careful use of all resources is our most important principle.

For 50 years, Utz has lived by the principle of recycling management and guarantees an almost complete recyclability of all products. All countries in which Utz operates have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. Effective measures must be taken to limit global warming to plus 1.5° C compared to pre-industrial times. Essentially, it is a matter of eliminating the CO2 emissions that are responsible for global warming.

The starting point is our CO2 footprint. We calculated this together with specialists from the myclimate foundation. Because we now know how the Utz CO2 footprint is made up, we can take targeted measures to avoid these emissions in the future. The biggest levers to avoid our CO2 emissions are as follows:

1. Reduction: By 2035: CO2e footprint/kg plastic -60%
2. Regenerative: By 2030: 100% renewable energies
3. Compensation: From 2022: All unavoidable CO2e (through investment in certified climate projects) will be compensated
4. Recycling: By 2035: 80% UIC® or CO2-free plastics
5. Transparency: From 2023: Annual, transparent sustainability report 

We at Utz are convinced that this is the right way to move forward and will also make our contribution. We want to become a CO2-neutral company and that is why we have developed the Utz climate strategy.