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What is the utz plastic pallet

in a closed circuit and what is its price?

What is the utz plastic pallet in a closed circuit and what is its price?

How do Utz's plastic pallets support sustainability? Is the purchase price of the pallet the only parameter of choice?

Many of our clients are large global companies in the automotive, transport, chemical,  logistics  and commercial industries. These  are often companies that are highly aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, but not all customers understand the need and legitimacy of solutions that promote a safe environment to the same extent. Many companies are still looking for the cheapest solutions that do not take ecological needs into account, price is the main argument for choice - that's why, as a socially responsible company, we create a dedicated program for partners who, like us, try to introduce a  closed circuit in the management of industrial packaging and use sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

What is the utz plastic pallet in a closed circuit and what is its price? 

For our customers, it is important that pallets maintain constant tare, are easy to clean and comfortable to operate both by forklifts, robots and manual handling by man, and utz industrial containers to have a smooth, reinforced bottom, guaranteeing safe operation and quiet movement. The R&D departments in Georg Utz, which consists of the construction department and the quality control department, are always working on developing a reusable solution - optimally tailored to the customer's needs and the sales department is looking for the optimal price.
The price of a plastic pallet depends on many factors, but statistically the cost of using a wooden pallet after only a year equates to the purchase of a plastic pallet.

Georg Utz owns the UIC® (Utz Industrial Compound) brand. The UIC® is a brand for recycled plastic with proven and documented properties and consistent Utz quality. Products made of UIC® have the same technical parameters as those of primary raw materials and meet Utz's high quality requirements while at the same time obtaining the optimal price of the plastic pallet.

A flagship example of the use of this raw material in the Utz factory in Poland is the UPAL-U pallet, often used in food processing, pharmaceutical and clean zones of the product and transport requiring increased hygiene standards. This pallet has a long service life without the need for maintenance, which saves further amounts of the money during longer usage and affects the total price of the investment. UPAL-U is almost completely closed (97% tightness), which makes it easy to keep clean and at the same time has handle holes, which greatly facilitates automatic and manual operation of the pallet. It is extremely quiet on roller conveyors and, thanks to its concealed  steel reinforcements, is suitable for high storage racks. Thanks to the usage of RFID codes, it is possible to track the pallet with the goods throughout the logistics process, and thank to the properties of the plastic pallet – its repeated use in the process at no additional cost. Comparison of the price of plastic and wooden pallets over the long term – strongly indicates the benefits of using the plastic one.

Georg Utz production plant in Poland (Kąty Wrocławskie) from 2020 received exclusivity for the production of UPAL-U pallet and ensures its distribution to all markets of the European Union.

As our contribution for environment safety, at the end of the life cycle, the customer can give back the products used after it's life cycle. During cleaning and carrying out the shredding process according to Utz technology, the raw material obtained from their grinding can be used in the next production process.