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Utz plastic containers for transport in innovative logistics projects - SmartVan IoT

The common idea of saving energy and optimizing transport processes for respect for the environment brought partners of the SmartVan IOT project together, to create smart vehicle in urban logistics and last mile of supply service, the project led by technology company EV Fleet. The integration of freight transport and urban logistics in the Internet of Things opens up new opportunities for building smart supply chains.
By coordinating and integrating processes both within a single undertaking and between different game players, it is possible to ensure the optimization of the flows of goods and related information.

Utz plastic containers for transport in logistics projects, last-mile delivery in urban transportation.

An example of this cooperation is the use of Georg Utz #EUROTEC plastic containers equipped with RFID codes in a last-mile delivery project to the end customer, which aims to improve transport efficiency in urban agglomerations.
The Utz Group has always had a strong environmental awareness. The first environmental activities were carried out by Utz in the late 1980s! However, being truly green means being carbon neutral, using energy in production and transport intelligently, and passing on these experiences further. Each industry has its own specifics - we understand this and try to look for solutions that are most tailored to the needs of the customer process. 
Innovative logistics and transport solutions enable more goods to be transported, using fewer means of transport, in need of fewer operations. Based on these assumptions, transport models develop and implement the EV Fleet team in cooperation with partners, including Georg Utz, in the SmartVan IoT project. The joint venture allows you to optimize the cargo space, identify orders in real time, adjust the route of travel and reduce the delivery time of products to the end customer.
Georg Utz is a supplier of EUROTEC transport containers with RFID technology in this project. This solution is an example of the interoperability of different types of urban freight transport and advanced logistics solutions that allow efficient planning, delivery planning and management. This is particularly important in areas of large cities and urban agglomerations. This task is carried out by an intelligent vehicle, SmartVan IoT, which has become an example of a car with – like a smartphone – its own operating system, allowing full integration with customer systems such as fleet management systems or partner logistics systems, enabling real-time tracking of shipments. 

This will mean the possibility of dynamically updating the data and instructions for all planned deliveries of goods, the conditions for their execution and the execution of returns and complaints, which in today's fast-growing e-commerce market allows you to build a significant competitive advantage.  

The innovative car, which is the result of the cooperation of specialists from several different fields, provides a quality in which each transported product can be provided with specific transport requirements and conditions for temperature or humidity. The cargo can be packed according to the order of shipment of goods as part of the transport and tracking course. This is ensured by EVFleet's proprietary MATRIX-3D RFID Identification system, which, by identifying RFID-labelled transport containers provided by Georg Utz, allows you to monitor the matrix of transported products and ensure optimal transport conditions. 

SmartVan IoT is a technology demonstrator built on the basis of an electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter van. The vehicle is equipped with an 85 kW engine and four traction batteries with a total capacity of 47 kWh guaranteeing a range of 160 km. An undoubted plus of the eSprinter is the fact that when charging from an 80 kW charger – it takes about 30 minutes to charge the batteries up to 80%. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a camera and monitoring system of the delivery process and thanks to the isothermal housing, a passive and active cargo area has been separated, equipped with a chiller and cargo rack for direct and quick access to any product.

The SmartVan IoT pilot project was tested for several months as part of e-commerce deliveries carried out by the Carrefour network. The test proved that a system that operates on the basis of RFID technology allows for significant optimization of the cargo space, immediate identification of orders and shortening of delivery time. Thanks to cooperation with Georg Utz, we have been able to select optimal, specially designed EUROTEC transport containers that can be identified by RFID technology., Integrating the sales channel with inventory information is crucial in intelligent reverse logistics systems. If the sales platform wants to provide customers with a high level of service, including the ability to cancel orders already submitted for execution by the warehouse, then dynamic integration of IT systems becomes a necessity. 

The project was awarded in the competition "Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2020" the Chapter decided to award EV Fleet for ECO & Fresh Delivery Foods (model on-demand transport).

Sustainability, optimal use of resources and product circuit is Utz group's philosophy of operation – that's why participation in the SmartVan IoT project, led by the technology company EV Fleet, has become an interesting example for the company for finding the new way of using Utz products in innovative transport solutions.