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Plastic containers in closed circuit - prices and savings

Plastic containers - the manufacturer advises what to look for

It is no secret that automation is now the most important process in the development of logistics. Infrastructure and precisely dimensioned, robust elements working in the process every day are the cornerstone of warehouse planning, which is often overlooked. This is a big mistake, because internal logistics determines the delivery time of the goods and the efficiency of the work of the staff. That is why the transport of articles within the company is so important. In the selection of containers it is worth considering its parameters and functions. They must be balanced, fault-tolerant and legibly marked. The noise level with which the containers move on roller conveyors and the types of walls (openwork or full), the ease of cleaning the containers during the process and the storage method saving storage space are also not insignificant.  A good example of this is eurotec containers, used in automatic systems, which have been used in dozens of outlets across the country, and Utz's recommended returnable products trapezoidal and rotary containers, which are great wherever space saving matters. When considering the choice of reusable plastic containers - manufacturer, dimensions, application and additional features - these are the elements worth paying attention to.

How to make savings on multiple use of Utz containers for transport and logistics?

Eurotec container, a specialist in process automation

The internal storage and transport of products, including in particular demanding foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, has never been so easy. With Eurotec plastic containers, you can afford to handle goods automatically, in all popular storage platforms (e.g. Sap Business One or Frisco.pl) due to their Euro-compliant dimensions. Thanks to special drains, Eurotec containers are optimal for industrial robot operation. The handles allow precise attachment on automatic conveyors, and multiple attempts and applications at different partners allow the elimination of costly errors in the transport process on automatic roller conveyors. As for the plastic container, the manufacturer recommends this model due to its high versatility. The Eurotec container allows easy storage of the assortment thanks to the possibility of using partitions, reinforcing ribbing or using appropriate perforations of the container, affecting the required ventilation of products that facilitate the transport and completion of goods.

Trapezoidal Utz containers

If you wish to transport products safely from warehouse to customer’s home, sustainable trapezoidal plastic containers will prove to be your best choice. The 600x400x355 mm container has a lockable bottom, openwork walls and hand-held handle holes, and thanks to the designed smaller circumferential at the bottom of the container (the side forms a trapezoid), it allows the storage of containers one within another. When creating plastic containers, the manufacturer placed great emphasis on functionality. After unpacking the entire contents, the container is enough to rotate by 180% and place the container on top of each other. This system reduces the loading area by up to 85%. Moreover, the packaging on the top edge may be equipped with an additional handles which allows the products to be packed in several separate advertising bags or paper bags suspended on these handles allowing different product categories to be separated from each other. In the case of food, safety and quality of storage are paramount. After all, dealing with a product as delicate as food requires the use of special measures.

Sustainability is Utz's philosophy of action

When it comes to plastic containers, the manufacturer communicates the philosophy of circular economy through their design characteristics and design fitting. The company's strong environmental awareness has forced changes that will benefit the entire planet. CO2-neutral practices are actions that every company should target. Utz containers are intelligent solutions that were created after years of analysis and experience gathered during implementations with customers from different industries. Industries have their own specifics that need to be met. Therefore, the Utz group specialists always try to adapt the offer to the customers needs and the requirements of their design, so that the process is designed for years, with care for ecological reasons and as precisely as possible fulfilling the task set in the project. Consciously addressing environmental challenges is the only rescue that also brings big savings in terms of reducing the amount of disposable packaging and looking for savings in optimising transport processes, reusing the same containers in the logistics process. We think about the planet and business, creating solutions optimized for customers. We believe that together we can change the world!