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An intelligent way of storage and warehousing

Intralogistics, an intelligent way of storage and warehousing

Intralogistics, an intelligent way of storage and warehousing

Many issues today require a new approach to solving the same problems. An example is the storage of goods that can be upgraded, achieving better work results both in terms of measurable cost savings and in improving the number of process errors or complaints. Intralogistics is a concept that is worth getting familiar with for several reasons. First of all, it is a process that allows you to use intelligent technologies and reduce production costs, as well as diagnose the most effective methods of delivery of materials from point A to point B and save time. Learn about the intelligent handling of goods in your enterprise. Find the key how to run smooth sales during time when every minute is at a premium.

Internal logistics - common definition

Intralogistics is a term that defines the flow of raw materials or finished products within an enterprise. The name consists of members "intros" deeming interior and logistics, that is, the process of planning the transport of materials. It can be said that intralogistics is a narrow slice of the logistics itself, which begins when delivering raw materials or products and introducing them into the system of internal flows of the company. At this stage, it is important to mark and store the accepted materials. However, the process ends, after taking number of internal processes using the internal logistics process - when collection of products from the warehouse. How products are delivered to individual departments or the final Client determines the final execution time of the order. Intralogistics allows you to definitely improve this indicator. Internal logistics, by definition, has a huge impact on the e-commerce industry, where great importance is attached to lean-manufacturing, i.e. optimizing the management of goods during deliveries. These activities change the approach to material flow itself in the production or distribution of products and their efficient management in just-in-time or just-in-sequence methods. Any reduction in time affects the faster delivery of the shipment to the customer (whether inside the company or to the final customer) and thus the better quality of the task carried out. It is not insignificant that the transport shipment is marked and tracked at every stage of the process and the speed of response in the situation of a complaint or process error.

What does intralogistics help with?

Intralogistics is a tailor-made process that uses information technology and precision, intelligently designed for transport containers- so-called cargo carriers. Matching the process to the customer needs is just one of the functionalities of intelligent internal logistics processes. Automatic storage, warehousing, and tracking of shipping containers are used to plan order volumes, instant deliveries, and efficient shipment of items. Furthermore reusing transport containers during this process is a way to save money by reducing the cost of reverse logistics and materials used to secure shipments, such as cartons, bubble wraps, fillers. Smart container storage and reduction of loading area in return transport process, guaranteed by Utz transport containers, will certainly help to reduce transport and disposal costs of courier packaging and reduce the time of re-delivery.

Internal logistics - factories of the future

There is no doubt that automation is the future of the logistics industry. It can generate financial savings and save a lot of time during the process, thereby relieving the workload on employees who do not have to engage in tedious and repetitive activities. Modern warehouse means automation and matching of supply chain elements. Meticulously dimensioned Utz containers that assist in these processes should be fault-tolerant, easy to maintain and labelled in a legible and transparent manner. Let us remember that the goods have different dimensions, so that matching the entire infrastructure to the specifics of products or raw materials seems logical and it is worth entrusting them to companies with growing extension of market experience. When it comes to internal logistics, utz's proven transport containers will help you with introduction of your proposed changes, using the experience of many projects.

What solutions should we bet on?

The Utz group containers like Eurotec, Rako or SmartBox containers used in the internal logistics or commercial goods logistics benefit from proven experience gained in many industries with a wide variety of customers. When it comes to choosing the best equipment of this kind meet the Utz group, which has been manufacturing reusable containers since the 1960s. After the spectacular successes of the Eurotec and Rako series of containers, 2021 is another breakthrough in providing new logistics and transport solutions that are changing the market.  In March of this year, the production of GS1 Smart-Box, a distribution container created in the new technology, began. Meeting market requirements and optimizing the delivery process is the idea behind this project. Famous global brands and commercial companies from all over the world, affiliated to the German IPP organization, belong to First Movers, the leaders in opinion in introducing product innovations. It was them who, in cooperation with the Utz group, decided to invest in a new line of transport products and implement a new injection mold for its production. This smart solution is a breakthrough in internal logistics and a definition of a new quality that meets the exorbitant expectations of customers from many industries. Standardized Container Utz - GS1 Smart Box allows you to reduce the demand for cartons, fillers and container varieties. Simplifying handling in internal logistics of goods means making better use of the loading space and reducing carbon emissions. Improved internal logistics at the factory for Utz also means broadening partners' sustainability awareness.