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How do Utz plastic containers and pallets support sustainability?

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How do Utz plastic containers and pallets support sustainability?

For our customers, it is important that the weight of the pallet is constant, that pallets maintain constant tare, are easy to clean and comfortable to use both by forklifts or robots and in manual operation by man. Similarly, Utz industrial containers to have a smooth, reinforced bottom, guaranteeing safe operation and quiet movement.

All products in the Utz range, such as EROTEC containers, stacking containers, rotary and folding containers, as well as plastic pallets, use renewable raw materials. Utz plastic pallets have dimensions in accordance with international EURO and ISO standards, so they are competitive products for products such as wooden europallet, and thanks to their technical characteristics they have a much longer life cycle. How much does a plastic pallet weigh? In its basic form 14 kg and its excellent advantage is the same tare, regardless of external conditions.

Georg Utz is a direct manufacturer of plastic pallets. The R&D departments in Georg Utz, which consists of the construction department and the quality control department, are always working on developing a reusable solution - optimally tailored to the customer's needs and the sales department is looking for the optimal price.

A flagship example of the use of expertise and raw material from the secondary circulation of UIC® in the Utz factory in Poland is the UPAL-U pallet, often used in food processing, pharmaceutical and clean product zones and transport requiring increased hygiene standards.

This pallet has a long service life without the need for maintenance. UPAL-U is almost completely closed (97% tightness) and the material from which it is made does not absorb water, which greatly affects the maintenance of the constant weight of the product and facilitates automatic and manual handling of thepallet. How much does a plastic pallet weigh- less than a liquid-soaked wooden pallet. The weight of a plastic pallet also depends on its function in the transport or production process.

The UPAL-U plastic pallet without reinforcements weighs only 14 kg, is smooth and runs on roller convey extremely quietly, and thanks to the possibility of mounting hidden reinforcements in the form of steel pipes, it is also suitable for high storage racks. In these situations, the weight of the pallet increases to 16.0 – 17.5 kg. UPAL-U is strong, handy and lightweight, lighter and as durable as the classic UPAL-H hygiene palette.

Thanks to the use of RFID codes, it is possible to track the pallet with the goods throughout the logistics process.

Georg Utz production plant in Poland (Kąty Wrocławskie) from 2020 received exclusivity for the production of UPAL-U pallet and ensures its distribution to all markets of the European Union.

The Utz Group is happy to accept Utz plastic pallets and Utz containers at the end of their life cycle. This means that the used products are ground into granules, which we continue to use for the production of new products. This is reuse in its purest form.