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Georg Utz keeps the strict standards

of the eco-factory

Georg Utz keeps the strict standards of the eco-factory

E-commerce, automotive, food and clothing, logistics, transport, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, electronics, trade and distribution – the list of sectors of the economy and thus products offered by the ecological factory Georg Utz is long. Georg Utz offer includes both containers for automatic warehouses, as well as for manual picking or delivery of groceries to the customer's home. Utz solutions are very durable and serve customers usually for many years. The procedures used during production process of plastic containers and the use of recycled materials – result from compliance with the strict requirements of the company's pro-ecological strategy, assuming the reduction of CO2 emissions and the application of sustainable development principles in practice. 

The use of the reusable container system means simplifying many processes, reducing the number of cartons, which usually become waste for the customer receiving the ordered goods after unpacking. Additionally usage of reusable containers in the customer's environment, confirmed by CO2 emission compensation certificates, allows to obtain additional EU funds for climate-neutral projects.

Georg Utz an ecological company

The most important principle of eco-enterprise is the careful use of natural resources. Modern technology of plastics processing, the use of renewable energy sources, as well as the philosophy of operation, which assumes saving resources at every stage of the product's life, enables the creation of creative and sustainable solutions. The plastics used by Utz are 100% recyclable, and thanks to the experience of the Utz design and production team, they carry out their tasks for a long time, resulting in streamlined customer processes and reducing the cost of operating these processes. 

Georg Utz is an ecological company that offers not only reusable ecological products for individual industries, but also designs and manufacture  containers  tailored to the specific needs of  the customer. Such solutions enable maximum efficiency, even of highly automated processes and also take into account the unusual requirements resulting from the specific production processes of individual industries.  The plasticity of the material, which is plastic in reusable processes, as well as the total recyclability, make Utz solutions both ecologically and economically reasonable.

Such solutions turn out to be much more durable and also allow for sustainable development of processes at B2B partners, who, using the experience of an ecological factory gained by Utz in many industries, themselves approach the goal of more ecological enterprises. The portfolio of companies served by Georg Utz  in Poland  includes, m.in: Bosch, Cadbury, Delphi, Nutricia, frisco.pl, Żabka Piotr i Paweł, Mlekpol, Rossmann, Philips and Polpharma.

Containers for trade and e-commerce

Due to the significant increase in the popularity of ordering products via the Internet and deliveries of groceries to the customer's home, the ecological factory Georg Utz offers proven solutions used in both warehouse automation and manual product picking - plastic openwork containers with a trapezoidal profile. The Utz Group has gained experience in the distribution of similar containers on the Western European market m.in in cooperation with retail chains and the e-commerce industry in England and France, where the system of delivering groceries to the customer's home and in the click and collect system has been developing intensively for several decades.

Among the most important advantages of this plastic rotary container with dimensions of 600x400x355 mm are safety, functionality and space saving. Special holders for bags with food products facilitate the operation of the entire process and  guarantee the safety of transported food. The drainage holes allow moisture to be drained and in addition, the containers are suitable for storing heavy loads weighing up to 30 kg. in piles.

Another standard eco container from Utz, which works well in the distribution network of goods in the trade of specialized enterprises, especially for pharmaceutical and clothing industries, is NESCO container.  The advantage of this product, also with a trapezoidal profile, is a permanently hinged lid, which additionally protects the transported products and is extremely ergonomic in handling the distribution process. This solution also saves space after unloading and folding the lids, allowing you to put-in-containers  into each other and thus reduce the original cargo volume by up  to 75%.

All these features of the products, designed specifically for the needs of the e-commerce market, are a confirmation of the tradition of supporting sustainable solutions in the economy used since the 40s of the last century and testify to the mission of the ecological enterprise implemented by Georg Utz for years. 

Variants for every occasion – warehouse automation.

The spectrum of warehouse activities is wide – from stacking and storing goods, through palletizing, to picking and packaging. Thanks to warehouse automation processes, the company can significantly improve efficiency and optimize the time of preparing goods for shipment or reduce the number of errors at the stage of shipment preparation. However, these activities would not have been possible without specialized containers adapted to the warehouse automation solutions. In automatic warehouses, containers must be very durable, strong and adapted to the company's storage system, while having partitions or inspection holes to facilitate the storage and picking of small products. For warehouses with roller conveyors, it is important that the containers have a smooth bottom, allowing them to move quietly. These challenges are not a problem for EUROTEC system containers, which are Utz's flagship product for warehouse automation applications another example of eco-product offered by the ecological factory Georg Utz. 

The advantages of plastic pallets that change the stereotype about their high cost.

In high-bay warehouses, durable, stable and hygienic plastic pallets from the offer of the Georg Utz eco-factory turn out to be irreplaceable. It is worth taking a closer look at the operating costs today, because as  the examples of our customers show in the long run with today's price increases in wooden pallets, the profitability of wooden pallets, which have much shorter service life, is not so obvious.

Using plastic pallets from an ecological factory, we gain a product with a constant tare, with an extremely smooth surface, which will not only serve for many years and will be more hygienic in use, but also will cause less problems in everyday use. These are the features particularly appreciated by Utz customers’ using warehouse automation processes.

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