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Economic sustainability


Independent and self-financed

With our innovative, customer-adapted solutions, which often have a service life of over 20 years, Utz products make sense from an economic and ecological standpoint. Our current market successes in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, and our successful partnership with AutoStore, set us apart.

We want to sustainably follow the current trends and the increasing demand in our focus industries. A high degree of self-financing enables us to invest independently in expansion, innovation, and increased efficiency.

Megatrend of the future

We want to be the world's leading supplier of intelligent reusable packaging for automated warehouses and transportation logistics. This will enable us to achieve profitable growth.

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Icon trend growth


years of experience


% independent and self-financed


million CHF investments


% planned annual growth

Modern technology, process optimisation and digitalization

The latest production technology allows for a reduction of energy and resources. At the same time, process stability is increased and with it the consistent quality of our products. We use the possibilities of digitalization for standardization and optimization.

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Investment power

The sustainability of the company requires a strong capital base. Through our economic success, we have established the prerequisite to be able to independently make important investments in geographical expansion, further technological development and in product and service innovations.

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Advantage of a family business

The high level of equity and the long-term orientation of the family shareholders enable the Utz Group to act independently. This enables us to act as a strong partner and build long-term customer relationships.

Utz family using forklift

Experience pays off

For many years, numerous customers from all industries have been relying on our solutions and depend on us as a reliable partner. Customer programs often have a service life of several decades. Our customers appreciate our long-term orientation and know that they can reliably reorder their products from us even after many years.

Utz employees preparing custom plastic containers

Advantages for the customers

Every optimization of product weight, ergonomics, load protection, maximum load volume or identifiability increases the efficiency of modern logistics. Adapting pallets and trays individually to the special features of company processes results in direct payoffs. In this way, we support companies in becoming more efficient and sustainable.

Illustration showing advanced plastic container project