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E Performance as the new industry standard in the meat industry

Meat containers for clean and hygienic transport

The industry attaches particular importance to the traceability of each container. The new standard is characterized by guaranteed production from food-grade plastic, secured by a certified quality procedure during production and identifiable by durable in-mold labels.

Standardized containers for the meat trade

Only GS1-licensed container manufacturers such as Utz are authorized to produce the E Performance in accordance with a typing procedure. This means that every E Performance accurately complies with standardized specifications and has a high-quality level.


In-mould labels assigned by GS1 identify the container: They provide information about the contents, its shelf-life, and the origin of the cargo. The E Performance and its contents can therefore be clearly identified, and the transport route of the container can be traced.

Hygienic, plastic pallets designed for easy washing

H1 Pallet according to GS1 standard

The Utz H1 pallet is the all-around safe basis for all storage and transport tasks in hygiene-relevant areas: It is extremely resilient, temperature resistant and easy to clean. With its high quality, virgin material, it meets the demand for a durable and environmentally friendly reusable system. An additional advantage is its compatibility with the Utz E and F Performance meat and fish containers as well as the common container types used in the food industry.

With certification

Reliability is essential, especially in the food industry with its high hygiene standards. The Utz H1 pallet was certified with the GS1 stamp and DIN-plus for its extreme strength and durability.

Customized solutions for the food industry

Boiling container for sausage production

Boiling containers for sausage production

The containers consist of heat-resistant PP and are suitable for higher temperatures.

Plastic pallet UPAL H1

Plastic pallet UPAL H1

Hygienic pallet certified by GS1, consisting of food-grade virgin HDPE material.

Pallets and containers for automated handling

Automated handling

Modified container geometry significantly improves conveyance.

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