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The solution begins with Utz containers

When automating a warehouse, the solution begins with the container. To increase the efficiency of warehouse logistics, all those involved must work closely together: Utz as the container expert, the customer and the system integrator as specialist for warehouse automation.

100% coordination

Transport units and warehouse logistics must be 100 percent coordinated. This means that containers or pallets are the central focus of development. Utz works closely together with all the major players in warehouse automation across the globe.

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Automated warehouse at Bonfix using Utz containers

Increasing warehouse automation

Millions of containers are in circulation in numerous automated warehouses equipped by Utz. However, Utz also equips smaller, fully automated warehouses with containers. Utz is your competent partner for transport units in automated warehouses.

The importance of trays in logistics automation

Trays are suitable tools for automated conveying of a wide range of different product formats. Trays are always individually adapted to the customer's process and thus increase the efficiency. Millions of Utz Trays move reliably in the plants of international customers in a wide range of industries. We would be happy to explain to you how Utz Trays function so reliably.

Customized solutions for intralogistics

Utz EUROTEC container with dividers


Light-weight, adapted to state-of-the-art conveyor technology. Up to three partition walls can be inserted on the long sides of the inner walls. Easy to clean and wash with a few water-draining points and 24 water-drainage holes in side walls & base.

Plastic container for logistics with dividers

Subdivision for greater benefit

Dividers can be easily inserted through guides in the side walls. This can increase the benefit of the container many times over. Dividers can be inserted and removed as needed.

Plastic Utz container transported using hooks

Manual container handling

Utz containers are equipped in such a way that they can be gripped and moved manually in different ways and at different places.

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