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The COP28 climate conference

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The COP28 climate conference

The COP28 climate conference is currently taking place in Dubai. Companies will also be presenting their progress towards achieving the sustainability goals. The TBD Media Group provides a platform for this and presents 50 selected organizations each year.

A global delegation from business and industry will simultaneously develop strategies for a more fair and sustainable society. Inspiring approaches will be shared in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The focus will be on companies that are already taking steps to manage the world's resources sustainably and realize a safe and fair global community.

The Utz Group is proud to be part of this year's selection and is releasing our film about sustainability in action at Utz and the strategic progress we are making towards achieving our goals. Our reusable products are an important building block using certified secondary raw materials (UIC®) and renewable energy.

Find out how we achieve our goals and how our products help many other companies to do so.