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Pioneering education project myclimate

The myclimate Company Challenge educational program was carried out for the first time with the help of specialists and managers and involving the eight national companies of the Utz Group. The programme didn’t let national borders get in the way. In the Company Challenge, projects were developed not only with Swiss employees, but also with staff from a total of eight different countries. This unique scheme clearly demonstrated one thing in particular: the interest in protecting our climate, the thirst for knowledge relating to concrete, feasible and solution-oriented measures, and the desire for self-efficacy are shared by employees in all kinds of role and positions around the world, from Mexico to China.

The myclimate Company Challenge is an educational program that enables employees to tackle projects relating to climate protection and sustainability, promoting both individual knowledge and their organization’s commitment to sustainability. Until now, the program was primarily designed for apprentices. In collaboration with the Utz Group, it was decided to extend it to employees at various organizational levels and to implement it across eight different countries (Switzerland, Germany, the UK, France, Poland, the US, China and Mexico). By working with a total of 70 employees in various positions, rather than just apprentices, this education project was able to incorporate diverse perspectives from experienced staff and create multi-faceted solutions. The employees themselves also see great added value in taking part in the program. They highlight the fact that the project enables them to examine their own habits, for example, and that it involves different generations and levels within their organizations. Another aspect that has been well-received is the clear communication of useful measures and how to implement them. Ultimately, it is also evident that employees appreciate working for a company that is actively committed to climate protection with concrete, practical and self-effective measures, as this feedback from China shows: “It’s a good thing for the planet, and I’m proud to work in a company that cares about the future and the environment. This is an ambitious project, which is very complex to implement and requires everyone to work together. That’s why all generations and employees are involved in this project and all points of view are taken into account.”

During the Company Challenge’s kick-off event, numerous project ideas emerged, out of which 16 projects were initiated and carried out. These included a project to reduce the consumption and make more efficient use of plastic film and its remnants, which shows great potential thanks to its ease of implementation combined with its scalability. Another idea involves a pop-up store for selling by-products, which touches on the goal of reducing waste. A project designed to get employees involved with the aim of establishing new climate protection habits throughout the company was also developed as part of the competition. Of course, the Company Challenge also includes the format’s usual competitive element. In the Utz Group, too, prizes were awarded for the best projects.

Thanks to committed cooperation with the Utz Group, the myclimate Company Challenge educational program was taken to a new level – not only internationally, but also in terms of reaching out to a new target group: all employees within a company. Martin Anegg, Head of CSR at Georg Utz Holding Ltd, is very satisfied with the results of the project: “The first myclimate Company Challenge in the Utz Group was a complete success. Thanks to the professional management and support from the myclimate education department, we not only raised our employees’ awareness of climate change and sustainability, but also got them actively engaging in these issues, as demonstrated by the many important project ideas that were devised and implemented. This allows us to actively involve our employees in our sustainability measures and develop sustainably as a team within the Utz Group.”

The pilot project involving the Utz Group further established the myclimate educational program for employees and produced highly successful outcomes. Not least due of the potential for even more success, myclimate is planning to organize more Company Challenges in future with specialists and managers from various companies.