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S = R+M+PA - A fictional story

The year is 2050: Urs Meier, Key Account Manager at Utz AG in Bremgarten, Germany, is on his way to work in his self-propelled hydrogen car. He comfortably reads the news from all over the world on his tablet, while the traffic runs smoothly. Since SBB has put the world's most efficient subway network and Cargo Sous Terrain into operation across the board, the streets have become emptier and quieter. The self-propelled cars no longer cause accidents, and the miles of traffic jams are now a thing of the past.

Urs Meier can hardly believe that today is his last working day. Since 2007 he has been working for the company Utz in Bremgarten. He doesn't yet know exactly what tomorrow will bring. Only one thing's for sure, he can call himself "pensioner" tomorrow. With the 23rd Pension Revision, the electorate has, among other things, said "yes" to a flexible retirement age. For this reason, Urs Meier has remained loyal to Utz AG until his 80th birthday today.

When he enters his office, a certain melancholy comes over him. He puts on his computer glasses or his Hololens to read the e-mails. Thoughtfully he takes off his glasses again, puts them on his desk and leans back. His thoughts revolve around the last decades.

The world has changed a lot, much of it for the better. In 2020 it still looked as if the earth and humanity were on the brink of collapse. However, politicians, scientists and the business community together stood up for the 10-Point Plan, which led to an improvement in the climate and the coexistence of people in general. Nobody believed it at first. After investing billions and strengthening international organisations, the plan was actually implemented worldwide and largely adhered to.

Georg Utz AG was not spared external influences. The management and Urs Meier already suspected before 2020 that the packaging and logistics industry would face numerous changes in the near future and therefore made the company and the team fit for the future.

Due to advanced climate change, which even the sceptics could no longer denigrate, packaging and recycling were heavily regulated. This rapidly promoted environmentally oriented inventions and innovations in this field.

The formula that Urs Meier introduced together with the product developers for Utz was simple but highly effective: S = R+M+PA. This means Sustainability = Reusable cycle + Material cycle + Packaging Avoidance.

"Shelf-ready packaging", which simplifies the journey from production to the customer, is part of everyday life today. No more disposable boxes or cardboard packaging. Far from it. Plastic containers can be used several times for up to 25 years. At the end of their service life they are recycled and put back into circulation. Very simple and environmentally friendly. This means that hardly any new plastic is needed, but rather that already used material is utilised instead. At Utz, this high-quality secondary material has been certified under the name UIC (Utz Industrial Compounds) since 2012. Sustainability has always been a top priority at Utz.

Around 2025, the "linked value chain" came into play. What initially sounded like science fiction and Hollywood soon became reality. In order to make the material flow and reusable packaging more efficient, intelligent containers and pallets were used. Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy reduce the complexity of processes in the packaging company. Each individual part sends information along the value chain: product, location, target, size, weight and much more. This is why Smartphones and digital platforms have become indispensable in logistics. When this trend arose, Utz immediately put all its faith in the new technology, which proved to be an enormous competitive advantage.

Urs Meier is proud of his colleagues and the management. They were always open to these changes. They followed the trends with enthusiasm and helped Georg Utz AG to remain successful in 2050. His face shows a contented smile. There's nothing standing in the way of his retirement. He is 100 percent certain that the company is well prepared for the coming years and will continue to ride the wave of success.

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