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Utz has been awarded the Packaging Prize 2018 for the ECOBIN container system


Container manufacturer Utz has been awarded the Packaging Prize 2018 for the ECOBIN container system.

The ECOBIN system consisting of four container types was designed for the RFID-controlled delivery system ECOSIT® (ECOnomic Supply In Time) of the Bielefeld-based manufacturer of fastening elements and assembly systems Böllhoff.
Böllhoff therefore offers its customers an all-round package of services: from disposition, procurement, quality control and warehousing to goods distribution all the way to the assembly line. A plastic container manufactured by Utz is at the centre of every sub-step of this process.

Four container types are available depending on the transport quantity and requirements. Three boxes with a common height of 147 mm have the basic dimensions 200 x 150 mm, 300 x 200 mm and 400 x 300 mm. There is only one additional container with a height of 215.5 mm for the basic dimension of 400 x 300 mm. For stability reasons, the container base is equipped with rectangular struts and is always selected so that the larger container can be stacked on 2 or 4 smaller containers. This means that a large box can be stacked on small containers, which would otherwise only be possible the other way around.

No matter whether with or without optional dust cover. In order to make handling of the container as comfortable as possible for the worker, a vertically movable flap was designed on one short side and one long side, which snaps into place 7 times. Access from several sides and therefore mostly free placement of the boxes on the shelf is also provided by the "sliding flaps". Albeit small, a sure sign that everything has been thought of: The inner edges of the boxes are rounded on all sides, making it much easier to remove products from the container.

At this year's FachPack, Utz is awarded the German Packaging Prize 2018 for its ECOBIN container series. Those wanting to find out more about the containers at the FachPack (25 - 27 September) can visit the Utz stand (number 257) in Hall 6.