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Georg Utz containers in the automatic warehouse


Georg Utz sp. z o.o. will provide 35,000 reusable plastic containers for the new and highly-automated warehouse of, the largest online supermarket in Poland. The warehouse, with a surface area of 11,000 m2, is located in the Panattoni Europe City Logistics Warsaw park in Klaudyn near Warsaw. This technologically innovative logistics centre will use two types of Georg Utz containers: EUROTEC for warehouse automation in the Shuttle system, and containers for the distribution of online orders to the clients’ homes. Both products are fitted with bar codes that enable the management of the distribution system and full control over the package flow.

The sky blue EUROTEC containers, with the dimensions of 600 x 400 x 320 mm, will be used for storage and the internal transport of food. EUROTEC is intended for automatic handling in all popular warehousing systems. Thanks to the special slots, the EUROTEC containers are perfect for handling with an industrial robot, thus enabling their precise mounting on automatic conveyors. The container is available in many sizes and with many base variations. The type of the base that is chosen suits the planned load of the container, thus eliminating potential warping and ensuring correct movement on the conveyors. The warehouse uses, in total, 25,000 EUROTEC containers with a double base. A further 5,000 containers are fitted with special dividers which form four compartments to facilitate storage and the fine picking of food products.

In the warehouse, there are also 10,000 raspberry-coloured trapezoid containers, with the dimensions of 600 x 400 x 355 mm. The container has a closed base, four slotted side walls, and four handle slots facilitating manual operation. This product is intended for the picking of online orders in the warehouse and the distribution of goods by employees to the client’s home. It is a kind of rotational container: when full, it may be stacked and transported, placing one on top of the other. After unpacking the contents, simply rotate the package by 180o and nest one container into the other to save the loading space by upto 85%. At the top edge the containers have special handles to attach bags separating various goods from each other. This solution guarantees the security of the transported food, and protection against crushing, spilling or damaging food products. It is a great advantage over traditional cardboard packages, where the transported product is, for example, spilled, which damages the cardboard and its contents, often along with the adjacent packages. Furthermore, stacked plastic containers do not suffer damage as a result of their weight, which may be the case for cardboard packaging.

The new investment will help us to increase the scale of our operations fourfold, and to simultaneously develop various business models. The automation of the new facility will also increase the performance of processes, which will help us to reduce the costs of handling orders. The automatic packing system also offers better control over stock inventory and the elimination of errors in packing. The warehouse will be fitted with separate areas assigned to serve as a cold store and freezer. Fresh products will be stored in various temperature zones, and some of them will be delivered in the just-in-time model. All these solutions will have a positive effect on the pace and efficiency of servicing the growing numbers of clients of our store, says Grzegorz Bielecki, President of

We are pleased that our reusable containers will be used in the new warehouse. It is a unique investment in our country and the first automatic warehouse intended exclusively for the sale of food over the Internet. This is a huge step forward for the e-grocery industry which attracts more and more clients interested in buying food via the Internet with home delivery. We wish all the best to and we hope that our solutions will help to complete their business plans, says Wojciech Bytner, Managing Director of Georg Utz.