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A Change on the Utz Group’s Board of Directors


Dr Reto Müller (65) replaces Jean-Marc Dubois as President of the Board of Directors. Dr Michael Reinhard (61) is the successor of Enrico Tissue, who has stepped down for age-related reasons. Operative Management (CEO) will remain in the hands of Axel Ritzberger (52), who has held this position since 2008. Georg Utz Holding AG is expecting another 6 per cent growth in turnover for this year.

Reto Müller graduated at the University of St. Gallen and was acting President of the Board of Directors, as well as the CEO, of the Helbling Group for more than 30 years, with many years as Partner.

Reto Müller has extensive industry experience and a strong network in the Utz Groups target markets (Asia/USA/Europe). Reto Müller is currently a partner of the BLR Group and exercises additional significant administrative board and advisory committee mandates, among others at Forbo, the RIRI Group (as PBD), the companies of Neumatt Holding and the Dibona Group. He was/is operative on various committees: the Swiss National Bank's Regional Economic Council,  Member of the board of SWISSMEN, member of the Economiesuisse Committee for Education and Research, as well as additional committees. He has been a member of the Utz Group’s Board of Directors since May 2016.

He succeeds Jean-Marc Dubois, who is leaving the management of the Utz Group after 37 years, with 10 years spent as the President of the Board of Directors and previously as CEO. Jean-Marc Dubois was a decisive factor in the development of the company and has lead the Utz Group to sustainable success. He played a significant role in turning the company into an independent, debt-free group of companies which is “fit for the future”.

In future, the Utz Group’s Board of Directors will be led by the independent Dr Reto Müller.
The 3rd generation of anchor shareholders will however form the majority vote on the Board of Directors. The equally independent Dr Michael Reinhard will enhance the committee with specific specialist competence and international experience. The 70-year old independent family-owned business plans on a long-term basis. Successor solutions for the Board of Directors and for operational management are carefully prepared. Stability and continuity are important factors of success for the traditional company.

The corporate group will achieve CHF 260 million in 2017, with an annual organic growth of approximately 5-7% financed with its own resources. The Utz Group employs 1050 staff members and trains some 80 apprentices across the globe in order to cover its demand in professional staff.

On a long-term basis, the largest growth potentials stem from the North American economic region and Asia. The development of the local Utz companies in these regions is promising. The 8th production site in Central Mexico is about to start operations.