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55th birthday of RAKO by Georg Utz


The RAKO is the most iconic plastic container in the Georg Utz portfolio. This product has been manufactured since 1965 via injection moulding. The RAKO is also the most versatile container for warehousing and transport, used in all conceivable situations either for manual handling, stacking or on automatic conveyors. The Georg Utz portfolio includes about 350 variants of the RAKO. There are no other plastic containers which offer such versatility and a wide range of applications.

The name of the container comes from its design which is a frame construction (Rahmen Konstruktion in German) consisting of 4 corner posts that, in combination with a U-shaped upper edge around its circumference and a ribbed base, form a very stable frame. The RAKO is most often made from polypropylene (PP), but other raw materials can also be used, e.g. HDPE as well as conductive materials and antistatic materials (ESD) to dissipate electric energy.

The container is available in 30 sizes and many colours. The RAKO can be made in a variety of possible combinations of sidewall, bottom and handle options. Depending on the application and load level, you can choose containers with solid, double or gridded bases, containing water drain holes or ribbing. In addition, the RAKO is available with solid, slotted and perforated sidewalls. Handles can also be fitted according to the container’s intended use and they are available as profile handles, handle slots or shell handles. These versatile options to choose from, in combination with the container’s high load capacity, are what make the RAKO an extremely adjustable and universal container that can be adapted to fulfil almost all requirements.

The basic dimensions of RAKO containers are aligned to the dimensions of available pallets, thus enabling their ergonomic transport both on Euro and ISO pallets. Various combinations of arrangements on pallets are presented in the drawings.

The Utz portfolio contains up to 11 lid variations for RAKO containers, including loose, hinged, hook-in and flanged options. In addition to the hinged lid, the container can be fitted with a snap lock and a handle mounted on the long or short side, thus forming a case. It is also possible to fit RAKO containers with dividers or removable boxes to further facilitate the storage of small items inside the container.

It is also possible to use additional container marking by means of a barcode, RFID chip, IML label, as well as customised marking, e.g. by using label pockets or a customer logo applied with any technique (hot stamping, thermal printing, relief, screen printing or pad printing).

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