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Specialised products

Of all the things!

You will find everything here that is offered for specific target groups and sectors.

Postal / Dispatch containers POOLBOX

Do you have e-commerce in your sights?

Shipping containers such as the POOLBOX were developed in collaboration with the Swiss Post Office and have revolutionised parcel shipment. During development, the focus was on economic and ecological aspects.

Thanks to secure snap locks, no tying or gluing is necessary.

Reusable service boxes

If the original packaging is not available when shipping equipment for repair, service boxes with internal Velcro strips and foam inserts are a help.

Service boxes are standardised plastic containers, which are supplemented with foam inserts and/or fixing straps. Defective electric appliances may thus be securely shipped to the manufacturer for repair. For the return to the customer, the same containers are reused.

Picking bins SILAFIX

The plastic picking bins SILAFIX enable a simple, clearly structured system during storage. It provides for a structured organisation in the small parts store of industrial plants, at small workshops, in service vehicles, or at home in the hobby room.

Hazardous goods containers GGVSEB

Reaching your destination safely

Utz is a manufacturer of a large number of packagings that, after extensive testing and examinations by the authorities, are approved for the storage and transportation of hazardous goods. Our range of services: Utz completes the licensing formalities.

By the way: GGVSEB means Hazardous Goods Ordinance Road, Railway and Inland Waters.


Goods can be transported on trays on automatic conveyor systems in a wide variety of packaging. Depending on the objects to be transported on the tray, each tray is an individual customer solution.

Washing baskets

Containers for chemical cleaning

Technical parts are cleaned in washing baskets, exposed to high temperatures up to 100 degrees, immersed in a chemical bath or stressed in other ways (* We recommend that you test the washing baskets before use). In the past, this could often only be solved with metal containers which are usually heavy and difficult to handle. There are now sophisticated plastic containers which are superior to their corresponding metal counterparts, regardless of the fact that they are significantly lighter and easier to handle.

Cylindrical containers

Round containers have been used in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, the restaurant and catering sector, and public facilities for years.

Multi-purpose Tub

Our high drums, above all in combination with a carrying ring and a lid with a silicone sealing ring, are ideally suited for the storage and transport of liquid or powdery goods.

Cylindrical Container

The round containers are often used as practical waste bins.


The nestable waste bin is long lived and also available made of flame-retardant V0 material.

Transport units

System solutions

It is often necessary to combine individual packaging solutions and form transport units from them. Not only containers are stacked on pallets, but often very individual packaging units required for special circumstances. Here are a few examples from practical experience.

Various other examples of our specialised products