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Food industry and catering

Hygienic and sustainable solutions

Meat container & E-Performance meat container

This new meat container replaces the red container used millions of times on the market.

Four inmould labels with container identification and GS1 code permit the container’s unique identity. The light blue colour guarantees that only new material is used for the production of these containers.

Bakery container

Thanks to slotted sidewalls and the gridded base, the bakery container, also called bread container, is ideal for storage and transport of baked goods.


The robust, weatherproof crates for fruit and vegetables can be safely stacked.

Fish container

This set for transporting fresh fish consists of three elements: an E Performance container, a plastic insert and a lid.

Stacking containers SGL

The standard in the flow of goods

"SGL" stands for "Swiss Association for Logistics". It has been their stated aim for several decades to employ means and methods with which to optimally streamline the flow of goods. The SGL guidelines therefore serve the purpose, amongst other things, of standardising the multiple-use containers made of plastic and creating the conditions to ensure that the containers are interchangeable. These requirements are fulfilled by the SGL stacking containers of Utz.

For each load a matching base version

When containers are used on an automatic conveyor system, the base deflexion should be approximately zero. Therefore, on SGL stacking containers, a ribbed base is used. Thanks to the perforated base or the grated base, a high level of air circulation or optimal drainage is guaranteed. All SGL bases enable safe composite stacking of a 600 x 400 mm container over two containers with basic dimensions of 400 x 300 mm.

Stacking containers STANDARD

Thanks to rounded corners, the stackable containers STANDARD are easy to clean. For decades, this plastic container for the food industry has been found in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and cafeterias.

Display container

Display container for the appetising presentation of goods

Bananas and other premium products can be presented at their best in this stacking container:

  • easy to access
  • simple to clean
  • in a colour of your choice
  • individualised

Insulating boxes

Insulating boxes enable the storage and transport of fresh, chilled or frozen foods and enable – in conjunction with cooling elements – the cold chain to be maintained.

Product variants:

  • RAKO insulating box
  • Freezing-Box
  • Metabox
  • POOLBOX with insulation insert

Gastro-Norm trays

In these plastic containers with lid, food can be immersed in a water bath and therefore heated and kept warm.

Glas Manager

These are provided as an insert in the RAKO container for safe transport and storage packaging for all types of drinking glasses. Thanks to a patented grid, they can be individually adapted to the height of the glass.

For washing glasses, the filled “Glas Manager“ can be placed directly into the dishwasher.

Poultry crates

The poultry crate is used for the secure, animal-friendly transport of poultry, and is equipped with either one or two doors.

Various other examples of our specialised containers for the food & catering industry