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Pallet boxes VDA-GLT / KLAPA / PALOXE

Foldable, stackable and on a pallet base

There are foldable pallet boxes, such as the KLAPA or the VDA-GLT, or rigid containers such as the PALOXE. This large container is mainly based on the ISO dimensions, but there are also containers with smaller basic dimensions. We provide you with an overview below.

Collapsible pallet box KLAPA (FLC)

KLAPA – for volume-saving empty running

The KLAPA is a collapsible large-capacity container (FLC) with a pallet base. By laying the sidewalls of the empty container on top of one another, its volume can be significantly reduced.

Collapsing system KLAPA (FLC)

Collapsible pallet box KLAPA Special (FLC)

KLAPA Special – for especially robust handling in practice

Steel U-profiles in the lower bottom edge of the KLAPA Special protect the sidewalls and the base against the forks when transporting using a fork truck.

VDA large load carrier (FLC)

The VDA 121010 large load carrier is a foldable pallet box on the basis of ISO (1200 x 1000 mm) certified by the VDA as recommendation 4520.

Pallet boxes PALOXE

PALOXE – large-volume boxes with pallet base

The PALOXE is a pallet box with the basic dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm.

Unlike the KLAPA, the sidewalls are rigid and cannot be collapsed. However, three PALOXE pallet boxes of the type shown can be nested in one another to save space.