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Plastic or wood?

Plastic pallets are not an economical alternative to wooden pallets. Plastic pallets, however, have key advantages: they have a constant weight, are robust and durable, have a longer life than wooden pallets and, with metal reinforcing, are particularly sturdy and suitable for use in high-rack warehousing.

Which one is suitable for you?


Automation friendly and rackable

The UPAL-A is compatible with automated and racking systems without the need of expensive pallet support boards or slave pallets. The pallet has the versatility to be racked in both 40" and 48" (101.6 cm and 121.92 cm) orientations. The design of the runners under surface provides optimal performance on belt conveyors, rollers and wheel conveyance.


Small, easy to handle and versatile

The display pallet was designed especially for the food sector: Connector systems on the upper deck and on the sides are suitable for the insertion of display boards. The light pallet is also suitable for manual forklifting from all four sides and can also be transported on automatic conveyor systems.


System-compatible and stackable

The advantages of the stackable export pallet UPAL-E are found in its suitability for use on automatic conveyor systems. It is therefore the perfect solution for smooth handling in intralogistics. The UPAL-E offers a usable area of 800 x 600 mm or 1200 x 800 mm and studded fields, as well as a safety rim to secure the load.


Clean, stable and closed all round

UPAL-H is closed on all sides, is therefore easy to clean and frequently used in the food, hygiene and clean-room sector. Due to its reinforcement with metal profiles, the pallet is suitable for high-bay storage.


Easy to clean and stable

The UPAL-H1 is easy to clean and is therefore frequently used in the food, hygiene and cleanroom segment.


Robust, resilient and versatile

The UPAL-I is a robust industrial pallet, which is particularly sturdy in handling and has a very long service life due to its strong construction. Metal profiles can be inserted, if required, making the pallet suitable for high- bay storage. To protect against slipping, anti-slip pins can be attached to the upper deck and the forklift contact area.


Space saving, automotive pallet, compatible with Utz straight wall containers

The UPAL-N is a nesting pallet designed for the demands of the automotive industry and other industrial markets. Its durable design extends product life reducing cost. The Feet are designed with large radius corners and scalloped sidewalls for superior strength.


Clever, flexible and reinforced, therefore suitable for racking

The UPAL-S is a robust and resilient pallet, with increased stability due to metal profiles, which can be inserted into designated recesses. This reinforcement makes the UPAL-S suitable for high-bay storage. The pallet can be equipped with anti-slip strips.


Robust, easy to handle and light

The UPAL-U is particularly quiet on roller tracks and is also suitable for high-bay storage due to its steel profiles. The pallet is relatively light, so that it can also be easily carried by its two handles.


Modifiable and adaptable

The UPAL-V can be perfectly adapted to customer requirements: The number of feet, runners and metal reinforcements can be modified depending on customer requests. Optional metal reinforcements provide the UPAL-V with the required stability and resilience. Additionally, the feet, runners and metal bars can be simply and easily replaced.

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