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Utz containers in the logistics laboratory

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Utz containers in the logistics laboratory

Despite the pandemic, autumn 2020 is full of interesting events at Utz Group in Poland.

In October 2020, together with LUCA Logistic Solutions, Georg Utz has opened a new season of operations of the Logistics Laboratory in CBR (R&D Center) at the Opole University of Technology. The spectrum of solutions tested in the laboratory at the Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics is very wide, e.g. complementation, stocking, sorting, analysis of production, and management of warehouse data.

Georg Utz Sp. z o.o. provides the equipment for the needs of the laboratory

The logistics laboratory was established in 2018 and was financed with money from the National Center for Research and Development. However, the Center was afterward equipped with sorting containers and pallets thanks to sponsors such as Georg Utz. For the next two years, we are the only partner for the exhibition in use. It is used not only by students and scientists but also by professionals and practitioners of logistics from outside the university.
It is a great, year-round public show-room for our products outside the Utz factory in Kąty Wrocławskie, Poland.

In one place, a whole range of modern solutions addressed to the logistics and production sector is gathered. These are purely practical solutions, because each of them has already found, or will soon find an application. Some of the devices included individual systems are, in fact, inventions, often at the root of their creation was a specific, individual need of the future user. 

Students and business owners are welcome to do testing of equipment and systems that are already in use in Europe's largest warehouses and factories. Storage systems using a variety of picking processes are used in the logistic laboratory with the use of a wide range of Utz branded containers, so as we can educate the Customers of our offer at the same time.