Customized packaging solutions

We understand the importance of tailoring your manufacturing and logistic processes to the unique needs of your products and business. We at the Utz group are able to support you with the most suitable  reusable packaging solutions, to offer the best solutions to maximize the efficiency of your storage, retrieval and delivery.

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Efficient solutions for the Automotive industry

Utz can offer the right solution for both bespoke and industry standard transport packaging requirements for a range of applications.

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Conductive containers for the electronics industry

Static safe storage and transport solutions.

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Fully returnable transit packaging solutions

Flexible modular and smart transport solutions that enable todays retail industry to deliver quickly and on time.

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Home-shopping - The Future

Utz picking and delivery totes can be automated and are ergonomic. Their versatility minimizes the use of disposable packaging and ensures fast delivery and a 24/7 shopping experience.

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Automation Logistics

Utz load carriers can be individually adapted to the requirements of your logistics processes. This helps to increase throughput and massively reduce operating costs. This is why leading warehouse automation providers trust Utz.

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Fresh Food Logistics

Utz solutions are optimized to meet the vital requirements used in food manufacturing and supply. Using only 100 percent food grade approved material in all our solutions, Utz guarantees maximum quality and freshness safely delivered.

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Utz Solutions - Pharmaceutical

Utz can provide bespoke and standard solutions that will match the logistical needs of the precise and tailored processes of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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On time delivery

The container sizes of our letter receptacles are ideally adapted to letter sorting systems and make manual sorting almost superfluous. This ensures greater efficiency in mail distribution centers and guarantees punctual delivery.

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Reusable Containers – Environmentally Friendly

Utz reusable containers can be stored or transported up to 70% less voluminous when empty due to their nestable properties. The reusability reduces the use of one-way packaging many times over.

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Collapsible containers to save space

The functional locking system of Utz's collapsible containers enables their automated handling. In addition, an ergonomic one-hand lock facilitates manual handling. The empty collapsible containers can save a volume of up to 80 percent compared to the upright box.

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Heavy loads made easy

Heavily loaded plastic containers frequently need to be moved manually. Even loads of several hundred pounds can be moved easily and ergonomically on the heavy-duty Utz dollies.

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Space-saving Folding Containers

Folding containers are frequently used in trade. The empty folding containers can save a volume of up to 80 percent compared to the unfolded container.

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Safe transport of hazardous goods

Dangerous goods such as airbag systems, seat belt tensioners, batteries or even hairspray must be transported safely. This requires special containers that are approved with a UN label after strict guidelines and successful testing.

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Large formats

Utz large-capacity containers are available in rigid or hinged versions and are designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications.

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Our space-saving genius

Nestable containers are stacked either on their lids or bail arms. Once nested, they can save up to 75 percent of transport space.

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Consistent tare and easy cleaning

Plastic pallets have a consistent tare weight. Completely closed pallets are also easy to clean. Our pallets can be equipped with metal reinforcement, they can also be used in high-bay warehouses.

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Container diversity

Over many decades, Utz has developed a variety of stacking container families for different applications.

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Utz thermoboxes: The right solution for every challenge

Whether you need a temperature-monitored reusable container for pharmaceutical items, food or other temperature-sensitive products, Utz has a wide range of solutions.

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Thanks to our extensive range of accessories standard products can be tailored to individual solutions.

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Carbon neutral through offsetting

By offsetting the CO2 share, Utz plastic returnable packaging becomes climate-neutral. The offsetting flows directly into certified carbon offset projects of the myclimate foundation. The impact is directly measurable.

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Smart reusable solutions from Utz

Whether it is load carrier management or your internal supply chain, Utz has a suitable solution in its delivery program.

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The Utz principle

Our most important principle is the careful use of natural resources. Modern plastics technology enables creative and sustainable solutions. The plastics we utilize are 100 percent recyclable.

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Our promise

We guarantee all customers the option of closed loop recycling of our reusable products. With a service life of over 20 years, Utz products make both ecological and economic sense through the life cycle.

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Resource-saving production

Automated, digitally monitored and almost waste-free: At Utz, we produce in a climate-neutral manner and with optimal use of resources.

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Our commitment

The local Utz companies global network delivers an approach oriented towards our customers long-term goals. We are committed to CO2-neutral operations with a clear implemented climate strategy. The myclimate foundation accompanies us on this journey enhancing the position of Utz as a valued employer.

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About us

Around the world, our local Utz companies and representatives are always close to our customers. With direct sales and the focus on customer specific B2B solutions, we can react with speed and efficiency to customer inquiries.

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News & Press:

The news & press area informs about the latest products, the Utz Group and other activities. In addition, you will find an overview of all trade fair participations of the Utz Group.

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Become one of Utz

Are you interested in a job at Utz and would like to apply for one? Here you can find current vacancies and training opportunities. Send us your online application today or send us your unsolicited application - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Who we are

The Utz Group is a family-owned business with a level hierarchical structure. Our employees enjoy working at Utz and this is shown by the great number that have now been with the company for many years. Employee appreciation and a culture of internal promotion are the central focus of our company, this in turn fosters a good working atmosphere which is fully evident at all our global locations.

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Training with Utz          

For many years, the Utz Group has focused on training our team with a long term perspective. Today, 10 percent of the jobs are occupied by trainees and many careers at Utz began with specialist training from engineers, to sales to project management.

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Press release

Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions

Reverse logistics - a common definition

Reverse logistics is part of the internal logistics process, which is responsible for the flow of materials or finished goods and the return of packaging that can be reused in the shipping process. By definition, it takes into account the distinctness between storage and warehousing. The differences in these two concepts will be described later in the article. As far as reverse logistics is concerned, examples of such practices can be multiplied and their number increases as the scale of the supported processes grow. Taking as the example global corporations that generate a lot of packaging we make sure that by using Utz containers we manage the waste rationally. During the whole process it is important to mark transport containers precisely, store them intelligently and warehouse products in accordance to  FIFO, LIFO or FEFO rules, as well as track the delivery process at every stage of shipment. In terms of returnable logistics, Utz, whose reusable plastic containers are used for both product storage and warehousing , preparation and release for further transport, is an example of efficient operation. The high technological advancement of warehouses makes it a key aspect of the logistics process to label containers and adapt them to automation processes.

Reverse logistics within enterprise environment
It is very important to constantly increase environmental awareness in companies using repeatable intralogistic and transport processes. Reverse logistics in the company is becoming increasingly important, it is in a phase of continuous development and better fit into internal processes and it is difficult to foretell its end. The process of reusing the transport container in the logistics chain and its return to re-circulation saves the planet from pollution and reduces packaging costs. Utz's transport and logistics container series take advantage of the experience of many industries to avoid errors resulting from poor product balance or weight, or finally use the ergonomics of the handles used both in process automation by robots and in manual handling. Utz containers allow you to avoid many errors already at the stage of introduction of the process and match every detail to the customer's process. Reverse logistics and the supply chain within the company play a very important role in the e-commerce sector, which has been growing very intensively recently. The methods of ordering products by the Customer in a just-in-time and just-in-sequence system require efficient organization of the preparation and flow process of products, as well as efficient management of the level of inventory on which the speed of delivery depends. Just-in-time is a method of delivering all the required items on time and in the quantity needed. This prevents waste. Just-in-sequence is an established inventory strategy that delivers goods to a production line or finished product with increased transport requirements - in the correct order, in order to reduce the time of all production or to secure products in transport. Reverse logistics in both cases not only within company but also e-commerce branch plays a very important role and is becoming more and more common.

Storage and warehousing - differences

To understand how the reverse logistics process works, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with two basic concepts - and find differences between the concepts of storage and warehousing. These are, contrary to appearances, completely separate terms, but they have a lot in common, which divides storage and warehousing? Differences may surprise you.

Storage is the act of placing goods in a warehouse, as well as their distribution in the right places and correct marking. It is one of the most common and basic logistics processes. When it comes to storage and warehousing, the difference is in terms of operation. Warehousing is a much more extensive concept, including storage, internal logistics processes, the use of inventory management methods, etc. Storage, in turn, is the adaptation of safekeeping to the needs of the product and its protection against potential risks.

If we were to compare storage and warehousing, the second term is much more capacity. As explained above, stocking is part of the warehouse, which we can define as a comprehensive handling of the goods. The process of warehousing the goods consists of many stages: it is the reception of the goods, their proper storage, sometimes the upgrade of the product in the internal process, and then preparation for shipment: picking and delivery from the warehouse and finally at the very end the stadium of return logistics. Each stage of the warehousing process is equally important and is a separate category in the process. So we can conclude that one of the elements of handling an item is storage, and warehousing is the whole process. The warehousing definition includes activities that are based on handling the entire logistics process, from the receipt of the item to its release for transport.

Examples of reusable container applications from the manufacturer of the Utz group include EUROTEC, RAKO series containers, as well as storage-saving stacking containers, rotary containers or folding plastic container systems.

Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions Reverse logistics - trends, sollutions, examples of applicaions

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