Customized packaging solutions

We understand the importance of tailoring your manufacturing and logistic processes to the unique needs of your products and business. We at the Utz group are able to support you with the most suitable  reusable packaging solutions, to offer the best solutions to maximize the efficiency of your storage, retrieval and delivery.

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Efficient solutions for the Automotive industry

Utz can offer the right solution for both bespoke and industry standard transport packaging requirements for a range of applications.

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Conductive containers for the electronics industry

Static safe storage and transport solutions.

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Fully returnable transit packaging solutions

Flexible modular and smart transport solutions that enable todays retail industry to deliver quickly and on time.

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Home-shopping - The Future

Utz picking and delivery totes can be automated and are ergonomic. Their versatility minimizes the use of disposable packaging and ensures fast delivery and a 24/7 shopping experience.

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Automation Logistics

Utz load carriers can be individually adapted to the requirements of your logistics processes. This helps to increase throughput and massively reduce operating costs. This is why leading warehouse automation providers trust Utz.

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Fresh Food Logistics

Utz solutions are optimized to meet the vital requirements used in food manufacturing and supply. Using only 100 percent food grade approved material in all our solutions, Utz guarantees maximum quality and freshness safely delivered.

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Utz Solutions - Pharmaceutical

Utz can provide bespoke and standard solutions that will match the logistical needs of the precise and tailored processes of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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On time delivery

The container sizes of our letter receptacles are ideally adapted to letter sorting systems and make manual sorting almost superfluous. This ensures greater efficiency in mail distribution centers and guarantees punctual delivery.

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Reusable Containers – Environmentally Friendly

Utz reusable containers can be stored or transported up to 70% less voluminous when empty due to their nestable properties. The reusability reduces the use of one-way packaging many times over.

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Collapsible containers to save space

The functional locking system of Utz's collapsible containers enables their automated handling. In addition, an ergonomic one-hand lock facilitates manual handling. The empty collapsible containers can save a volume of up to 80 percent compared to the upright box.

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Heavy loads made easy

Heavily loaded plastic containers frequently need to be moved manually. Even loads of several hundred pounds can be moved easily and ergonomically on the heavy-duty Utz dollies.

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Space-saving folding containers

Folding containers are frequently used in trade. The empty folding containers can save a volume of up to 80 percent compared to the unfolded container.

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Safe transport of hazardous goods

Dangerous goods such as airbag systems, seat belt tensioners, batteries or even hairspray must be transported safely. This requires special containers that are approved with a UN label after strict guidelines and successful testing.

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Large formats

Utz large-capacity containers are available in rigid or hinged versions and are designed to meet the specific requirements of industrial applications.

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Our space-saving genius

Nestable containers are stacked either on their lids or bail arms. Once nested, they can save up to 75 percent of transport space.

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Consistent tare and easy cleaning

Plastic pallets have a consistent tare weight. Completely closed pallets are also easy to clean. Our pallets can be equipped with metal reinforcement, they can also be used in high-bay warehouses.

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Container diversity

Over many decades, Utz has developed a variety of stacking container families for different applications.

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Utz thermoboxes: The right solution for every challenge

Whether you need a temperature-monitored reusable container for pharmaceutical items, food or other temperature-sensitive products, Utz has a wide range of solutions.

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Thanks to our extensive range of accessories standard products can be tailored to individual solutions.

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Carbon neutral through offsetting

By offsetting the CO2 share, Utz plastic returnable packaging becomes climate-neutral. The offsetting flows directly into certified carbon offset projects of the myclimate foundation. The impact is directly measurable.

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Smart and reusable solutions

Whether it is load carrier management or your internal supply chain, Utz has a suitable solution in its delivery program.

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Sustainable by conviction

Our most important principle is the careful use of natural resources. Modern plastics technology enables creative and sustainable solutions. The plastics we utilize are 100 percent recyclable.

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Sustainable Growth

At Utz, we work economically, efficiently and profitably to invest from our own resources. In doing so, we attach importance to balanced, profitable growth with specific, environmentally friendly customer solutions at the forefront.

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Resource-saving production

Automated, digitally monitored and almost waste-free: At Utz, we produce in a climate-neutral manner and with optimal use of resources.

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Our commitment

The Utz companies are locally rooted and globally networked. Our work is oriented towards long-term goals and we live a culture of trust and mutual appreciation.

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Sustainability report

Transparent and honest - Immerse yourself in the world of Utz and join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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CO2 Calculator

Our CO2 calculator transparently shows you the footprint of our products. Configure your selection now using the predefined article selection or ask us for alternatives.

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Who we are

We are leaders in the production of customized reusable plastic packaging solutions. 1350 employees at 8 locations on 3 continents have been creating and manufacturing custom, sustainable, reusable logistics packaging and technical parts made from plastic for over 70 years.

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Our mission

We are committed to crafting high-quality, reusable, returnable, and recyclable plastic packaging solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients while minimizing environmental impact. 

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Our organization

Decentralized and agile structures allow us to react quickly to customer enquiries, and family-like bond of cooperation enables promotes a lively corporate culture.

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75 years of Utz

Growth by our own efforts, striving for the highest quality and maximum customer benefit, combined with the family ethos and a high sense of responsibility towards employees and society.

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News & press

The news & press area informs about the latest products, the Utz Group and other activities. In addition, you will find an overview of all trade fair participations of the Utz Group.

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Do you have questions?

Write to us or call us! Our qualified employees are always available to answer your questions.

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Become one of Utz

Are you interested in a job at Utz and would like to apply for one? Here you can find current vacancies and training opportunities. Send us your online application today or send us your unsolicited application - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Utz as an employer

The Utz Group is a family-owned business with a level hierarchical structure. Our employees enjoy working at Utz and this is shown by the great number that have now been with the company for many years. Employee appreciation and a culture of internal promotion are the central focus of our company, this in turn fosters a good working atmosphere which is fully evident at all our global locations.

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Training with Utz

For many years, the Utz Group has focused on training our team with a long term perspective. Today, 10 percent of the jobs are occupied by trainees and many careers at Utz began with specialist training from engineers, to sales to project management.

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The Utz Group celebrates its 75th anniversary

A milestone for our company


Sustainable by tradition and our vision of the future.

Our company founder Georg Utz already recognized that the economy and ecology have to be coordinated. We have always relied on the circular economy system; our plastic material can be recycled up to 100 percent several times. Since the 1970s, we have constantly been expanding our expertise in secondary raw materials, and with UIC®, we have our own quality-tested regranulate.

The Utz climate strategy shows us the way to a climate-neutral future. Our resource concept for the future relies on plastic recycling and a reusable system in which products remain in circulation for up to 20 years. This saves resources and further reduces our CO2 footprint on an ongoing basis.

Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability is much more than climate and environmental protection. As a company, we are guided by the so-called three-pillar model. Economic sustainability for the independence of the Utz family business and the possibility of continuing to invest from our own resources. Ecological sustainability is for the careful use of all resources and being able to keep the material plastic in a cycle in the long term-social sustainability for an appreciative corporate culture and to make a contribution to our society as a company.

Deeds instead of words

We have made a plan with the Utz climate strategy and are now executing it. Since 2022, all Utz companies have been producing in a climate-neutral manner. For the time being, this will be done through compensation in climate protection projects. Still, step by step, fossil energy will be replaced by renewable energy until compensation is no longer necessary. Starting in 2023, the Utz Sustainability Report will inform you once a year about our actions and the goals we have achieved.

Accompany us in this fifth and final chapter on our anniversary year on our exciting path to a sustainable future.

Utz Sustainability Quiz

Some interesting facts about the challenges of the Utz Group can be found in our quiz.

And because sustainability has always been a matter close to Utz's heart, we have decided to invest an additional one euro in our Utz carbon offset projects from myclimate for every successfully completed quiz. We chose the myclimate foundation as a competent partner for effective carbon offset projects in the regions of the world where Utz products are used.

Will you help us break the 5,000 euro mark this year?

Note: A closer look at this page and our website is always worthwhile. Have fun searching and puzzling!

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Our customers' products are unique. The logistics and manufacturing processes are tailor-made for them in every company. With the correspondingly suitable reusable packaging from Utz, we create the prerequisite for maximum efficiency in all processes.


Since 2010, the Utz Group has been a certified production partner of AutoStore. Today, we produce all container solutions for AutoStore's fully automated Cube Storage System at our 8 locations worldwide, reaching all licensed system integrators.


All Utz products, supplemented by accessories, can be adapted even more specifically to the application. This creates numerous individualization options.


Utz offers efficient intralogistics in the automotive industry. Whether individual transport packaging or the industry standard, our customers find a suitable solution at Utz for almost all applications.



In the early 1950s, Georg Utz acquired the zigzag device for sewing machines, a patented article with sole manufacturing and sales rights. Thanks to increasing sales, he soon employed 16 people. Because the space in Zurich was no longer sufficient, he rented a building from the Honegger silk weaving mill in Bremgarten, Argovia. The sole proprietorship is converted into a joint stock company and thus becomes the first and oldest production facility of the Utz Group.


Carbon neutral production

From 2022, we will offset all remaining operational CO2 emissions through certified climate projects, making us climate neutral worldwide. By 2030, we will use 100% renewable energies to manufacture our products. This will eliminate the need for offsetting. We will then produce completely emission-free.

Carbon neutral products

The CO2 emissions in the plastic of Utz products can be compensated by certified climate projects. By 2035, we at Utz will ensure that these consist of 80% UIC® or CO2-neutral plastics.


Interested in working at Utz? In our job portal you can find all open positions worldwide. Apply now and become one of Utz!

Circular economy

Plastic is our material. It has outstanding technical properties and enables lightweight yet robust products. In addition, it can be recycled almost 100 percent and several times. Through local production, we ensure short transport routes on three continents. The high quality and added value of Utz products increase their useful life and economic efficiency. For over 50 years, Utz has also been committed to the circular economy and guarantees the almost complete recyclability of all products.

Collapsible boxes

The functional locking system of the Utz folding boxes enables automated handling of the boxes. In addition, an ergonomic one-hand locking system facilitates manual handling. Empty folding boxes have a volume saving up to 80 percent compared to the erected box.

Continous Training

Utz has many education and training resources staff can access. Many employees who started their career with us have completed the path from that of trainee to management. We will always support our colleagues during every step of their careers with us and we offer many numerous job development opportunities along the way. There is always room to grow with Utz.

Corporate culture

We promote a climate in which our employees can work independently, creatively, and effectively. In doing so, we build on decentralized structures combined with close networking. This guarantees a high degree of local responsibility and decision-making authority.



Flexible, combinable transport system for manual picking. A unit consisting of container, roller, and roller with a push handle. Ergonomic and easy to handle and flexible to set up according to the size of the orders and space optimized.



The EUROTEC is primarily suitable for automatic handling on all common storage and conveyor systems. It has a large number of starting points at which robots can grip or an automatic conveyor system can start up.


EUROWAVE is a new container system for your daily storage and transport tasks in business and leisure. Equipped with many good Utz features: Clever with easy handling and stable structure. Creative with a dynamic profile. Sustainably produced from UIC®. Suitable in 5 dimensions. Always suitable for any application, ideal for small items, tools, accessories, or even bulky items.

E Performance

A meat container for clean and hygienic transport. The industry attaches particular importance to the traceability of each container. Guaranteed production from food-grade plastic, backed up by a certified quality process during production, and identifiable by long-lasting inmold labels, are the hallmarks of the new standard.


Plastic sheets are produced by extrusion. These sheets can then be further processed into workpiece carriers by thermoforming.


Utz employees carry the Utz company. It is their ideas, their talents and their motivation that move the customer forward in the search for the perfect solution. Technology provides the necessary support but never replaces the "human factor".



Out of responsibility for our future, Utz has set the goal of offering climate-neutral reusable packaging in the long term. Utz climate protection projects support important Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Folding boxes

When delivering to stores, empty containers often have to be taken back and stored. Since empty folding boxes can be reduced to up to 25% of their original size, a maximum of four times as many empty folding containers can be stored on the same footprint than would be possible with rigid containers. This also allows transport costs to be reduced accordingly.

F Performance

A practical solution in three parts. An injection-molded insert is inserted into the container. The surface of the insert is provided with a hole pattern. In the system application, crushed ice is spread on the insert, the fish is placed on it, and covered with ice again. When the ice melts, the water can flow through the holes under the curvature of the insert without "watering down" the fish. To protect the contents, there is a slip lid that can be connected to the container via a lock.



With the help of this new folding container family, handling costs can be minimized from production to the point of sale and disposable packaging can be saved. The container system is characterized by volume-optimized recirculation, automated loading handling, a container family reduced to just a few sizes, as well as digital recognition, transport closure and many other features. This enables customers to cut process costs by more than 40 percent while reducing the CO2 footprint by up to 80 percent.


We want to grow sustainably. We generate this growth through our own performance and finance it with our own resources. This independence enables us to act as partners in the market and build long-term customer relationships.

Global Training Options

Part of your own development as an employee within Utz will see the option to move beyond your own Utz location. You will be able to visit and spend time getting to know and understand the specific work and market needs of other Utz sites around the globe.


Around the globe, the local Utz companies and representatives are always close to our customers. With direct sales and a focus on customer-specific B2B solutions, we are able to respond quickly and competently to customer inquiries.


H1 Pallet

The UPAL-H1 is closed all around and therefore easy to clean. It is frequently used in the food, hygiene, and cleanroom sectors.

Hazardous goods containers

In retail, fast, correct delivery to the point of sale (POS) is central. A flexible, modular system of smart packaging paired with matching transport rollers meets the returnable standard for efficient logistics from production to the store shelf.


Utz picking and delivery containers are automation-capable and ergonomic. With versatility, our customers minimize the use of disposable packaging, ensuring fast delivery and a 24/7 shopping experience.


Individual solutions

At Utz, we can tailor containers, pallets, and trays precisely to our customers' processes. As a result, they benefit from increased throughput, reduced fuel costs, or less damage, for example. That's why it pays off when returnable packaging is individually manufactured to the specifics of our customers' product range and thus becomes an integral part of the logistics processes.


Interdisciplinary cooperation results in technical innovations for customer-specific logistics. In doing so, we can rely on state-of-the-art production equipment and employees who are highly qualified and often even leaders in their special fields. The frequent exchange among each other and the continuous training contribute to the comprehensive know-how of the Utz Group.

In-mold labeling

In-mold labels are inserted into the injection mold and firmly attached to the container. The labels remain legible even after repeated washing. In-mold labels can extend the service life of containers by 100 percent.

Injection molding

During injection molding, the granulate is transported to a nozzle in front of which the injection mold is clamped in the machine. Two punches press the mold halves together and the viscous plastic is injected into the cavities of the mold. The mold halves move apart and the finished product is removed by a robot.


Utz load carriers can be individually tailored to the requirements of your logistics processes. This helps to increase throughout and massively reduce operating costs. That's why leading warehouse automation providers rely on Utz.



The Utz Group turns 75. The road from 1947 to 2022 was long, sometimes arduous and marked by many milestones and quite a few successes. We look back proudly on the beginnings of the company and on much that we have achieved and experienced. We will use 2022 to sharpen our understanding of our strengths and create clarity about the way forward.



The standardized VDA KLT container series are specially tailored to the logistics processes in the automotive industry. Utz has been involved in the development of the modular container families from the very beginning and, as a certified manufacturer, offers its customers the corresponding KLT containers and accessories in accordance with the official country-specific recommendations (including VDA, AIAG).


Extensive technical know-how forms the common basis in the Utz Group. Close networking enables us to keep our knowledge in all companies up to date at all times. To this end, international Utz expert teams continuously develop internal process and product standards, thus ensuring uniform Utz quality worldwide.



Weight plays a major role in logistics. Utz reusable containers are extremely robust and durable on the one hand and very light on the other. In transport logistics, they demonstrably help to improve utilization and avoid unnecessary transport routes.


As we produce both internationally and locally with 8 locations on 3 continents, our production network ensures short distances to the customer. Through our tool exchange, Utz products are equally available at all locations. Protective transport packaging is recyclable.



In our material processing department, our material is stored according to type, shredded, and then processed for further use. The physical properties of the processed material can be compared with virgin material. Standard material properties are tested and documented so that the granular material designated as Utz Industrial Compound (UIC®) can be further processed. UIC® is a plastic raw material with documented properties in the usual Utz quality.

Market leader

We strive for continuous development and improvement, which promotes our competitiveness. Qualified employees, customer proximity, innovative strength, manufacturing efficiency, and high quality standards are what make us successful.


Nestable containers

Nestable containers are stacked either via the lid or via fold-out brackets. If the containers are nested, space savings of up to 75 percent are possible.



Pallets made of plastic have a constant tare. Pallets closed all around are easy to clean. If the pallets are equipped with metal reinforcement, they can also be used in high-bay warehouses. Plastic pallets are modular and poolable. At Utz, customers can choose from an extensive range.

Plastics recycling

As early as 1974, the first plastics recycling plant was put into operation in Bremgarten. Sustainability has a long tradition at Utz; our company founder already recognized that economy and ecology must be coordinated. In this context, the circular economy is at the center of our thoughts and actions.

Packaging solutions

We are specialists in the development, manufacture, and distribution of logistics and transport systems, that are made of plastic as well as technical parts for professional applications. Driven by high efficiency, functionality, and innovative strength, we continue to set new benchmarks and industry standards with our environmentally-friendly products and services.

Production processes

Utz products are designed for both optimal function and optimized material use. They are manufactured on modern, energy-efficient machines. Material productivity is almost 100 percent. Our goal is zero waste.



Utz is the industry's recognized quality leader for reusable plastic packaging.

Quality management

Meeting the quality requirements of our customers is a high priority for us.
In order to ensure agreed product properties, we ensure the demand-oriented monitoring of a consistent quality of plastic articles. The targeted examination of the relevant properties also plays a key role in any damage analysis that may have to be carried out.



Plastics are made from oil or gas. In the Utz cycle, these raw materials are used recurrently for decades.

Reusable Packaging

We produce environmentally friendly products with a long service life. In manufacturing, we pay attention to energy-optimized production and comply with current environmental standards. We ensure the return and recycling of our own products. At the same time, we promote the use of recycled materials.


Utz products can be reused almost 100 percent. Since we grind products directly at the customer's site, transport is reduced to the granulate volume. Utz products age very slowly, which is why it often takes many years before they are discarded.


The RAKO is a universal container made of plastic, applicable for all conceivable requirements. Despite many base variants, which also enable use on automatic conveyors, the RAKO is often selected when manual handling is required. This makes the RAKO a typical storage and transport container. RAKO stands for frame construction, a name that symbolically describes the load capacity of the plastic box.


By using RFID or other smart system components, you can digitalize your empties management and reduce work to a minimum. This saves costs and you have an overview of where your plastic returnable packaging is at any time at the push of a button. Would you like to marry the contents with the tag used? No problem, we have the right solution for that too. Just get in touch with us.


Standard size

Stackable containers from Utz are characterized by robustness and modularity. Different formats can be easily combined and joined together to form units. As a result, they are ideally suited to the different logistics standards in the transport industry worldwide.


In Schüttorf in Lower Saxony, we ventured into the international arena in 1971. In that year, the first subsidiary of Georg Utz AG was founded there. In the meantime, our German site is the largest in the world and, with its 570 employees, one of the largest employers in the region.


The Utz Group has a clear climate strategy. By 2030, we will produce exclusively with electricity from renewable energies and by 2035, we aim to achieve a recycled content of 80%. We want to be measured against this and will disclose our progress in the annual sustainability report.



Particularly in the automated warehouses of large mail order companies, a large number of goods are delivered in very different packaging. In most cases, this packaging is not suitable for conveyor systems. Repackaging in suitable plastic containers is completely unthinkable for economic reasons, but also for time reasons. For this reason, the incoming packages are sorted onto trays suitable for automatic conveyors.


Thermoforming is a process for forming thermoplastic materials. The load carriers produced in this process are usually referred to as workpiece carriers. Workpiece carriers hold the products stored in them in so-called nests with a precise fit.


Utz climate strategy

The careful use of all resources is our most important principle. For 50 years, Utz has lived by the principle of recycling management and guarantees an almost complete recyclability of all products. All countries, in which Utz operates have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. The CO2e, which are responsible for climate change, must be reduced in order to achieve the 1.5-degree target. We at Utz are convinced that this is the right way to move forward and will also make our contribution. We want to become a CO2-neutral company and that is why we have developed the Utz climate strategy.

Utz Academy

The Utz Academy is a full online training program. You will find fully assessed learning modules in which all areas and aspects of the company are covered. Each module will be assigned in accordance to your own role.



1,250 employees at 8 locations on 3 continents - that's Utz.

Workpiece carriers

Workpiece carriers hold products with precision fit. There are stackable and turnable workpiece carriers, made of frame tools or as intermediate layers.


Zig-zag device

In the early 1950s, Georg Utz acquired the zigzag apparatus for sewing machines, a patented article with sole manufacturing and sales rights. After initial difficulties, he perfected the product and attracted the interest of many foreign sewing machine manufacturers. Finally, Georg Utz was able to conclude his first major deal with the Singer Company of New York. Thanks to rising sales, he soon employed 16 people. Because the space in Zurich was no longer sufficient, he rented a building from the Honegger silk weaving mill in Bremgarten, Aargau.

Zurich Höngg

Where it all started. It was in Zurich Höngg where Georg Utz founded the "Georg Utz Werkzeug- und Apparatebau" in 1947. A year later already he moved the company to Zurich Altstetten and then again in 1953 to Bremgarten in the canton of Argovia, where the Swiss subsidiary and the Holding is still located today.


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