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Packaging Award 2020

for Utz container system EUROWAVE

Packaging Award 2020 for Utz container system EUROWAVE

Utz has been awarded the German Packaging Prize 2020 for the innovative EUROWAVE container system. The award was presented by a jury of experts from the German Packaging Institute dvi (german packaging institute) in the category "Logistics & Material Flow".

The initial idea for the development of a new type of container arose from the observation that plastic containers are often designed for higher requirements than is necessary in many applications. The task was therefore to design a small load carrier with an optimum ratio of weight savings and stability. The EUROWAVE impressively meets these requirements.

The ingenious column design in the corner areas of the container, which enables good load-bearing capacity in the stack while maintaining low sidewall thickness, is worthy of particular mention. In addition, the container has a special, wave-shaped frame construction in the upper container area, which provides further stability during handling. With four-sided recessed grips and the different sizes in the modular dimension, the container is designed both for manual handling and for storage on the pallet. Euro measure and the wave-shaped struts make the name EUROWAVE self-explanatory.

The container concept also features a lid that seals the boxes individually. Regardless of the use of the lid, all container types can be safely stacked by means of suitable holding devices.

The entire Utz Group has set the goal of manufacturing its products as climate-neutrally as possible. Therefore, the EUROWAVE is produced from certified recycled regranulate UIC® (Utz Industrial Compound) and is thus a contribution to sustainability for both the producer and the user.

Jan Sünneker, Sales Manager at Utz, on the current packaging award: "Although we have already received several packaging awards for our containers, this award makes us particularly proud. The EUROWAVE is a typical Utz in-house production and not only the award ceremony, but also initial signals from the market support our view that we are right on target here."

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