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Award for IHK TOP training company

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Award for IHK TOP training company

We are very pleased to hold the quality seal of the IHK Osnabrück - Emsland - Grafschaft Bentheim in our hands. This means that we are now one of the 1.6% of companies in the area of our IHK that have been awarded this seal of quality.

For the certification procedure, a questionnaire from the IHK was filled out in advance, which ultimately became 18 pages long and describes what we implement in our training. It describes what we do in our training, for example, our trainee fit courses on the topics of stress management, exercise and healthy nutrition, or the training exchange to Switzerland. In the meantime, we are training in 13 different professions and have also been able to record particular successes in training in recent years, such as the awarding of a national best in 2016 and a district best in 2018. In addition, the topic of career after training was asked about. After a solid apprenticeship we would like to offer our former apprentices a career opportunity at Utz. The career path can be pursued in different ways. Support is possible in both financial and organisational terms.

After the questionnaire had made it through the IHK inspection, the audit procedure was started. As a first step, two IHK training consultants came to our company and carried out a pre-audit with us on the basis of the questionnaire. Directly after the pre-audit, the evaluation took place and we were admitted to the final audit. This took place again at our premises. But this time our auditors were a personnel manager and a former training manager. They also put us through our paces and came to the conclusion that we are TOP and it is worth becoming ONE of Utz.