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Closed Circuit in Logistics

Using Utz Group Containers

Closed circuit in logistics using utz group containers

In today's world, where sustainability and environmental protection are a priority, logistics plays a key role. One of the most important aspects is the reuse of transport containers that guarantee the durability and safety of products and minimize the cost of disposable packaging. In this context, Utz Group's plastic containers are an innovative solution.

Closed Circuit in Logistics

Closed circulation is a concept in which products and materials are used, recycled and reused. In logistics, this means that the containers in which goods are transported are not disposable. Instead, they are durable, damage-resistant, provide for marking and tracking of shipped cargo, and are easy to maintain the hygiene of transported goods, all in reusable cycles.

Utz Group containers

Utz Group is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers. Our containers are durable, lightweight and resistant to damage. Importantly, they are also designed to be reusable. This makes them an excellent closed loop solution. At the end of an Utz container's life cycle, due to the high quality of the raw material from which it is made, it is possible to recycle the container, clean it, grind it and reuse it for new containers. This is the idea of Rethink plastic and Reuse plastic in its pure form.  

Rethink Plastic, Reuse Plastic

The Utz Group is actively working to reduce plastic. Their approach is based on rethinking the use of plastic. Instead of disposable packaging, they offer durable returnable containers. This not only reduces the amount of plastic in circulation, but also saves costs by optimizing processes and reusing durable transport packaging, which at the same time reduces losses due to product damage in transport processes handled by disposable packaging.

Advantages of Multiple Plastic Packaging

  1. Ecology: Multiple containers reduce the amount of plastic in circulation, contributing to environmental protection.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Investment in durable containers pays off in the long run.
  3. Safety: Utz containers are shatterproof, protecting the contents from damage.
  4. Efficiency: Multiple containers facilitate logistics processes, ensuring smooth and safe transportation.

Examples of success in using the closed-loop model are inspiring and prove that this concept has a real impact on efficiency, safety and the environment. We encourage entrepreneurs in the logistics, warehouse automation, automotive and pharmaceutical industries to adopt the closed loop model using Utz Group containers. The Utz team's many years of experience in the reusable packaging industry guarantees that together with environmentally conscious partners we can reduce our carbon footprint and care for the future of our planet!