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Yousty – The Apprenticeship Platform

Yousty, Switzerland's largest apprenticeship platform, has been helping young people to find their dream job since 2009 and visited us at our Bremgarten site on 24 September. The objective: To show young people what a plastics technologist does and why it is worthwhile to complete an apprenticeship in this field. The video shows some results (in german): Video

The plastics technologist profession:

During training, a plastics technologist will learn about how a finished product is made from granulate, about the properties of the plastic and about the set-up of the machine and production. The training and the profession are characterised by variety and teamwork. As a plastics technologist, you can deepen your skills in technology/mechanics, physics/mathematics/chemistry, as well as your logical and networked thinking, and finally hold your own product in your hands. A little manual dexterity and the joy of working will certainly be of benefit.

During your training to become a plastics technologist at Utz, you will also pass through various departments to gain a comprehensive understanding of the process and to find out which area you like best. This includes basic mechanical training in small parts production, materials management and recycling, thermoforming, quality assurance, machine maintenance, tool conversion, hot stamping in assembly and automation.

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