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Home shopping - the shopping trend of the future

One purchase - one container

For 24/7 shopping, a container must pass through all process steps from picking to transport to delivery. Home-shopping containers are suitable for automated handling. This significantly reduces handling and logistics costs.

A bonus for the environment

Delivering a purchase in a clean, hygienic, reusable plastic container eliminates the need for exterior packaging and therefore helps to avoid packaging waste. An additional advantage: The customer no longer has to dispose of cardboard and polystyrene.

Stack and nest containers for home shopping

Stack and nest containers – every spin is a win

Rotary stacking containers are stackable containers which are nested as empties and thus enable a considerable reduction in volume. Due to their design they can be stacked in one position. If the upper container is rotated by 180 degrees, two containers can be nested inside each other. Depending on the container type, the transport volume is reduced by up to 85 percent.

Customized home-shopping solutions

Donnector system for DOLLYFIX system - close up

Easy handling

Interconnectable dollies ensure ergonomic transport of the containers. Handle push or pull the entire train.

Plastic tote ideally matching DOLLYFIX system

A volume miracle

As empties, they save 75 percent of volume. Barcodes simplify tracking the empties.

Plastic tote full of shopping for home delivery

Manual handling

Optimized container ergonomics simplify manual handling during delivery.

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