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Efficient solutions for the automotive industry

Utz can offer the right solution for both bespoke and industry standard transport packaging requirements for a range of applications.

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Conductive containers for the electronics industry

Static safe storage and transport solutions. Utz ESD containers and ESD pallets are made of a plastic and carbon compound.

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Fresh food logistics

Utz solutions are optimized to meet the vital requirements used in food manufacturing and supply. Using only 100 percent food grade approved material in all our solutions, Utz guarantees maximum quality and freshness safely delivered.

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Home-shopping - the future

Utz picking and delivery totes can be automated and are ergonomic. Their versatility minimizes the use of disposable packaging and ensures fast delivery and a 24/7 shopping experience.

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Automation logistics

Utz load carriers can be individually adapted to the requirements of your logistics processes. This helps to increase throughput and massively reduce operating costs. This is why leading warehouse automation providers trust Utz.

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Packaging solutions for pharma and med tech

Utz can provide bespoke and standard solutions that will match the logistical needs of the precise and tailored processes of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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On time delivery with perfect packaging

The container sizes of our letter receptacles are ideally adapted to letter sorting systems and make manual sorting almost superfluous. This ensures greater efficiency in mail distribution centers and guarantees punctual delivery.

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Returnable transit packaging solutions for retail

Flexible modular and smart transport solutions that enable todays retail industry to deliver quickly and on time. Utz solutions can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the conveyor systems

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Reusable, environmentally friendly containers for textiles

Utz reusable containers can be stored or transported up to 70% less voluminous when empty due to their nestable properties. The reusability reduces the use of one-way packaging many times over.

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Over the past 75 years, Utz has created tens of thousands of products for almost as many satisfied customers. Our catalog shows you the entire Utz product range.

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